BFFs of the Week

Happy Birthday, Molls! Love, Zooey

Molly is one of the most uniquely hilarious human beings I know.  If someone made a book of everything she said, I would most likely never have to seek other entertainment. She got me pumped about nail art, she sees the “queen” in all of us and resents the American girl doll Samantha for “getting to be the only wealthy one”. As if this weren’t enough, Molly is also thoughtful, sweet and kind, with a razor sharp wit. The world only made one Molls, and I am so happy that I know her!

Molls, I love you! I am so proud to be in business with you and to be your friend. Happy Birthday!

  • Lara Muria

    happy b-day! ^^

  • Zelina Garza

    this is lovely as well. Lucky you!

  • David Terry

    well Hippie Bath day!

  • Damiana Galloway

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

  • Glen Warstler

    Awe! Happy Birthday!!! Such a cutey!

  • Juleen Lovikel Ipanag

    Aw :) Happy Birthday, Molls! My Yoda! 😀

  • Molly McAleer

    Thank you, Zooey! I love you!

  • Megan Harwood

    Oh, but American Girl did make sure they all got party dresses. I think that was their attempt to even things out. What, you live during the great depression and are scraping the bottom of the barrel and Samantha has money to spare? Here, have a pretty dress and we’ll call it even. I bet the whole lot of them in a room makes a scenario close to Heathers.
    Happy Birthday!

  • Edward Hansen

    This is the cutest.

  • Robert Sumbland

    Happy Birthday Molly, obviously us capricorns are way cooler….well maybe just you and Zooey :¬) anyway, have an awesome day! Xx

  • Kelly Conklin

    My buddy had an American Girl doll and her and her doll both named Samantha…I always envied her and her damn doll. hahahaha happy birthday!

  • MJ Rojas

    so cute! Happy Birfday Molly :)

  • Abbie Neill

    Awww <3 Happy Birthday Molly! xxx

  • Jess Pendleton Caraway

    I always felt the same way about Samantha!

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