BFFs of the WeekHappy Birthday, Molls! Love, SophiaRivka Rossi

Today, a queen was born. Our sweet, sweet Molls was born and somehow the world seemed okay after that. I’m inspired daily by Molly – she is a true BOSS BITCH. I’m lucky to have her as a partner and a best friend, but I’m the luckiest to have her brain. I could listen to Molly talk about nail polishes with the same attention I would give to tween novels (that’s super focused). Molly has a heart made of probably pure gold; she doesn’t like to give it away easily and that just makes her even cooler in my eyes.

Things Molls is the best at…

1. Giving advice - She has put me in check many times, in a Nicki Minaj way.
2. The Internet -  She is the Internet Rihanna. She knows how to maneuver around that bad boy like none other.
3. Being a good friend - I imagine that if someone hurt someone she loved she would take care of them like they did in Drive.. BEWARE
4. Writing - You will probably all be like, “Damn, I’m so lucky I got to read Molls work on HelloGiggles and 2 Broke Girls, before she became the most influential writer of our generation.”
5. Her emotions - They are beautiful. She can cry at the drop of a documentary and get enraged at the site of injustice.
I love you, Molly, forever and ever. I hope today the world treats you like the queen you are and I hope that Solange calls you and notices you for the twin you are.
  • Edward Hansen

    I’m so glad you guys have each other!!!

  • Molly McAleer

    Sophia! :( This is the nicest thing ever. I love you! Thank you!

  • Jackie Johnson

    TRUTH, girl. TRUTH. Molls is such a true friend. Look up FROND in the dictionary and her pic is THERE. Happy birthday Molls!

  • Zelina Garza

    aw, nicely done. She is indeed awesome and here five faves is always a must watch. You’re lucky to have her as a friend.

    • Zelina Garza

      her five faves*

  • Jenny Lonussen

    Happy Birthday! Hope you’ll have a wonderful day.

    Thank you (and Sophia & Zooey) very much for Hello Giggles! Thank you for your 5 favs videos and awesome articles. I love ‘em.

    Anyway hope your day is filled with lots of yummy cake, awesome gifts, awesome people and a whole lotta love :-)

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