Happy Birthday, Maude!

Happy birthday to the teenager that makes me feel like a teenager again. Sometimes I read Maude’s tweets and think, “Did I write this?”
Maude, is talented sweet and just perfect. Here’s to many more years of enjoying Maude’s wit.
Here are some of my favorite of her tweets:
1. “I’m afraid to tweet because I think some of my teachers are following me.”
2. “I hate limes because my mom accidentally squirted one in my eye when I was 4.”
3. “I have been watching Sister Wives for four hours.”
4. “I can’t even remember all of my cousins’ names! (Hopefully they won’t see this.)”
5. “I have a feeling I’m going to get into a fist fight at this bat mitzvah.”
6. “The staircase in the back of my school smells like a nail salon.”
7. “My sister is a pro fake crier. Why can’t my parents see that?”
8. “I think I cried a lot in my sleep last night.”
9. “Kim Kardashian and I both look ugly when we cry :(“

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