Happy Birthday, Kristen Wiig!Tatti Ribeiro

Saturday Night Live is, I think, the most sacred place on television. Obviously the best part about SNL for me is how many funny ladies there are on the show. Everyone is hilarious, though not to be exclusive or anything but I find the women particularly funny. Everyone complains about how the old Saturday Night Live was so great and the current SNL doesn’t compare, well haters, I just cannot agree. Kristen Wiig kills me on Saturday Night Live. So in honor of her birthday here are my five favorite Kristin Wiig sketches!

Also, even though this is a Five Fave SNL character post, I can’t talk about Kristen Wiig and not mention Bridesmaids, which she not only starred in but also co-wrote. But that is a post in and of itself.

 1. Garth and Kat – Garth and Kat are a singing duo who go on Weekend Update to perform but are literally never ready. They lie obviously and try to improvise with each other, making up the lyrics as they go. It is really ridiculous and they usually start laughing, which always makes me laugh hysterically. I love them, their turtlenecks, their vests and their Suze Orman hair.

2. Gilly - What even is Gilly, you guys? She’s this mischievous little girl who just causes problems intentionally where ever she goes, then denies it… but then admits it. I can only say that her facial expressions are the most hilarious part!

3. Penelope - Penelope is that character that is ALWAYS one-upping everyone. Like, nothing is too big to for her to one up. She will always top you. There is no beating Penelope. I lose it when the person she’s arguing with tries to out do her in frustration and then she beats them again…and they’re just left there… losing to Penelope.

4.  Dooneese on the Lawrence Welk Show - Um, I really don’t think I can describe this without sounding completely absurd. So just look at the picture and try to not laugh. Giggling yet?

5. Sue - Sue can’t contain her excitement when it comes to surprising people or keeping a secret. I mean literally, she physically cannot contain her excitement. She EXPLODES when she has a secret. She gets “sooo excitedd!!!!”, like Sue, calm down!

Happy Birthday, girl!! We love you!


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  1. Ahh love these posts, but you cannot forget Kathy Lee from the Kathy Lee and Hoda sketch… soooo good!

  2. She is so perfect. Bridesmaids was the best thing I’ve ever seen.

  3. Every one of her characters kills me; She is hands-down my favourite current cast member!

  4. Off topic: I love how the Bridesmaid’s poster shows the girls in hot dresses instead of what they all wore, bride included.

    On topic: I LOVE YOU, KRISTEN WIIG! Those SNL ladies are my idols.

  5. Welcome to Tuurget! Target Lady is inappropriately absent from this list. But otherwise, well done!

  6. Yeah! What the heck? Are you NOT “frikkin excited!!!!!”?

    But yes, I do love Denise or Doonise. I almost peed from laughing after I saw that.

  7. LOL, those are my five least favourite Kristen Wiig SNL characters.

  8. Kristen Wiig is amazing! I love her and Jason Sudeikis in Two Assholes.

  9. Yay! I also love Virgania Horsen’s hot air balloon rides!

  10. I agree with you all! Definitely some great moments that are missing! There are just too many to choose from! Glad you’re liking the post though!!

  11. I think Shana should’ve been on this list, but nonetheless she is amazing.

  12. Not a fan of Gilly….. too weird. lol But Target Lady definitely deserved a spot! Either way, Kristen is genius and I love her!

  13. She is my idol…and forever will be.

  14. loooooove Kristen Wiig!! Great post!

  15. love her !! But what about the Prize home lady, who just gets so excited that they just won a home makeover :D

  16. I think you forgot Judy Grimes. Weekend Update’s nervous travel correspondent. HILARIOUS!

  17. Kristen Wiig is the funniest woman alive – love her HAPPY BIRTHDAY x

  18. I love Kristen Wiig!!! BUT serious over sight not mentioning not mentioning Target Lady! “I’m excited!!!”

  19. Oooh, I didn’t like Gilly. She was weird and creepy. How could you not include Target Lady?? :)

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