Happy Birthday, Jason Priestley

Who doesn’t love Jason Priestley?! And who didn’t love Brandon Walsh?!  Whether he was your favorite guy on 90210 or not, you still held a special place in your heart for him.  Admit it!! Well, today he turns 42!!! Looking back on all seasons of the show, he had an obscene amount of lady friends.  Some serious and some only lasting an episode or two.  I’m gonna take it back and tell you my 3 favorite and 3 least favorite ladies that entered his world. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JASON! WE LOVE YOU!


Emily Valentine:  Some may agree to disagree but I loveeeed Brandon and Emily.  Although she turned out to be bats**t crazy, they were cute together while it lasted.  We all have that one crazy stalker relationship.  Whether you’re the stalker or the one being stalked, it happens!! She did spike his drink with the U4EA at the club which was not cool, but she was trying to get him to loosen up a little.  He tends to be uptight sometimes.  And fast forward to 2 years later when he bumped into Em on a trolley in San Fran… Well, that love affair – as we all remember – was so sweet and brought butterflies to my stomach.

Nikki Witt:  Put aside that Nikki Witt was already adorable and petite, their senior/sophmore relationship was so cute.  She brought him to life and made him fun.  If you remember, Brandon HATES dancing. Nikki, on the other hand, loved it and she did everything in her power to bring the dance machine out of him.  I loved that!! I for one am the farthest thing from a dancer by any means, so I appreciated her trying to bring that fear out of him.

Kelly Taylor:  No shocker here but Brandon and Kelly’s relationship was the definition of L.O.V.E.  From one emotional rollercoaster to another, they were pretty much the perfect duo.  I especially loved that in the very beginning of 90210 before there was ever any talks of Brandon and Kelly. They went to the Spring Dance together as friends.  It was that night he told her that she was like a sister to him.  Cue the Awwws.  Kelly, of course, was not happy when he told her this but it just shows that sometimes your one true love is literally right under your nose and you don’t even know it until it finally happens.




Andrea Zuckerman:  Although Brandon and Andrea never officially dated, there was always something between them.  From the time the Walshes were supposed to move back to Minnesota and Andrea wanting to give Brandon her virginity to their awkward prom night when they went together and ended up in the hotel room with something almost possibly happening, the whole thing was just weird.  They weren’t a good combo and the producers (as they would say in the movie Mean Girls) were trying to make fetch happen.  Not cool and wasn’t into it in anyway shape or form.  UGH!!!

Brooke Alexander:  If you remember Brook Alexander, then you remember how wretched she was.  Every time Brandon did a good deed, she would come in with some negative attitude towards it.  He tried to help a homeless man get a job at the Beverly Hills Beach club and she had an issue with it.  On top of it all, she was a bigot.  She was awful!!

Tracy Gaylien: Brandon and Tracy were just boring.  There was nothing exciting there and that whole relationship storyline was just a waste of tape.  Tracy brought out the blah in Brandon and let’s face it, he tends to be pretty square sometimes as is.  She was that last “let me see if this works relationship” before he got back together with Kelly.  It was just all wrong!!!

I’m sure some of you will disagree with some of my favs and not so favs being that Brandon was a male slut and had soooo many women but these are my top threes.  Hope you enjoyed!!