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Happy Birthday, HelloGiggles!!!


I don’t know if you know this, but a year ago, HelloGiggles was launched. I think this is quite obvious, but I’m still going to say it: HelloGiggles is an AMAZING site! You know the people who started it – Molly McAleer, Sophia Rossi and Zooey Deschanel and they work really hard to make sure it’s running, that it’s a place where us girls feel welcome and where we can celebrate being girls! And I am so honored to be a writer for HelloGiggles! In celebration of their birthday, I am going to tell you what HelloGiggles has done for me and what is has created for you.


1.     Introduced me to a BFFL

One of our Hello Giggles co-founders, Sophia Rossi once tweeted at me, “You two should be best friends @rubykarp @mikaelafoster.” Yes, she was talking about Mikaela Foster! We started talking, and now she is one of my closest friends in the world. I wouldn’t even know her if it weren’t for HELLOGIGGLES!

2.     Allowed me to have a Voice

HelloGiggles has a UStream channel and I am one of the writers that has a weekly show on Friday nights called The Awkward Show. And I love it. At first it was awkward, duh. But I really like being able to talk to you in real time, I really like answering your questions and I really love how supportive you are of me!

3.     Made My Day, Over and Over Again.

The internet is a big place, and I have a tiny, tiny piece of it with my own Tumblr  and HelloGiggles. They made it possible for meet to meet the people of Tumblr !!!! Let me mention how RIDICULOUSLY COOL – AHHH, AMAZING! – that is.

4.     Helped Me Grow As a Writer

I feel like I have grown as a writer in this past year because I write every week; I’ve written about the things that mean a lot to me like Doctor Who and my mom and even given advice! And I hope can keep on growing as a writer: I’d like to try to do more interviews and do more reviews and I will keep writing about things that mean a lot to me. And HelloGiggles has given me this opportunity!

5.     Getting Stage Time

Hello Giggles has also given me the AMAZING opportunity to HOST a show at UCB! I’ve met so many of the HelloGiggles writers through these shows, and also, the awesome people who read HelloGiggles!


1.     Home Sweet Home

Even though it is the internet, you can get lost on Hello Giggles for days; it’s a warm and welcoming virtual home. Whether it’s fangirling over one of the writers like Mikaela or the teen granny Scarlet Curtis or watching a million new ways on how to do your nails, you always feel like you’re connected to something familiar and a lot of the time, funny. Also, I think that when you read something on HelloGiggles, you feel like you know the writers, because they’re writing about things you are into. It’s a cool feeling.

2.     Awesome Advice

Wanna know how to shop at a Thrift Store? Date Ryan Gosling? Making friends on the internet? Well, HelloGiggles has great advice on all of that and more!!

3.     Embraces Your TV Spirit

I still watch television. And so do a lot of the writers at HelloGiggles and we’re not embarrassed by it! We love British TV and we like stuff where girls kick ass and we like really bad reality shows.  And we’re not judgy about the fact that we like to watch TV!!!

4.     A Good Laugh

Depending on the article, some make me fall on the floor laughing! They can make you happy and just help you forget about a bad day if you are having one.

5.     It’s HelloGiggles, y’all!

HelloGiggles is here for you, every day. With stories. And videos. And podcasts. And Tumblr! And friendly faces. There’s so much happening here, and I can’t wait to see what’s around the corner.

Bottom line, I love you, HelloGiggles. I love the people that started HelloGiggles, the people who work behind the scenes and the people who write for HelloGiggles and most of all, the people who read HelloGiggles and let us know what they think every single day. So thank you, thank you for coming into our lives a year ago.




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