January 26th is Australia Day! Now, thanks to those tricky little things called time zones, Australia already celebrated their day yesterday, but since it’s the 26th here in the states now, we’ll just celebrate a day later.

Whether it’s by watching a marathon of Nicole Kidman and Eric Bana movies, Googling pictures of baby koalas and kangaroos or eating a Vegemite sandwich*, spend today celebrating all things Australia!

*Okay, I totally wouldn’t have known what Vegemite was if it wasn’t for that Men At Work song ‘Land Down Under’. And I’m still convinced that it probably tastes as unappetizing as it looks and sounds. Still, to each his own, right?


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  1. Most Aussies have barbecues with family & friends on Australia Day – or go to a sporting event (tennis or cricket are usually on at this time of year here).

  2. Australia Day should be spent sitting in a pool (even if it’s a kiddies one), drinking and listening to Triple J’s Hottest 100. Pure bliss. Too bad about having to go to work on Friday though :-(

  3. HAPPY INVASION DAY!! I would much prefer to celebrate my lovely country on a different date…preferably NOT the same date that marks the beginning of war, genocide and displacement of Aboriginal Australia! C’mon Australia, it’s time for CHANGE!!

  4. Tim Tam SLAM!

  5. Yay, thanks for the shout out for us Aussies :) I don’t think anyone except little kids eat Vegemite sandwiches – it’s good on toast though especially as a hangover cure.

  6. Yay Australia! although with the vegemite thing, i’m an aussie annd i think it’s one of the grossest things i’ve ever eaten

  7. Yay for Australia! Although as an Australian it is notably cruel that we all have to go back to work for the Friday…

  8. Yes, happy invasion day for yesterday, everyone!

    • What date do you suggest we celebrate Australia Day on then? I understand that some (possibly) the majority of Aborigines think of Australia Day as “Invasion Day”, but I am first generation Aussie and I’m proud to be Aussie, so I think we should have an Australia Day. For me, it doesn’t necessarily have to be on 26th Jan, but it’s nice to have a day to celebrate being Aussie. I hope that the bridge between the Aborigines and the immigrants can keep being mended. I think in the last years we’ve made steps forward at least.

  9. ps. vegemite is only good on buttered toast!

  10. spend the day bbqing, swimming and drinking with family and friends :) then watched the fireworks! pretty good to have the day off :D


  12. vegemite isnt that bad, but you need to have alot of butter if your eating it with toast.. and dont ever eat it straight out of the container..

  13. bondi rescue or whatev its called is the best show about the lifeguards on bondi beach! lol<3