What Happened To Them?: The Cast of ‘Hangin' With Mr. Cooper'

Saundra Quarterman as Geneva Lee

Saundra, who played Nicole’s Mom, only had a few television and film roles after the show ended. She made appearances on The Practice, Touched By An Angel, and Strong Medicine before having a story arc on the series Strange World, which was created by X-Files executive producer Howard Gordon. Her last role was in 2006, when she played Dr. Shannon Feller on an episode of the series Without A Trace.

Omar Gooding as Earvin Rodman

When your show features a coach, you have to have a standout student. While Earvin wasn’t necessarily great with his academics, he was pretty vital for the Oakbridge Penguins boys basketball team.

Before we continue, yes – Omar is the brother of Cuba Gooding, Jr. He’s also the same Omar Gooding who co-hosted Wild and Crazy Kids. Or as you might know it, “That show where they show athletic kids playing games of human bowling, while you just watched from your couch with 9 packets of fruit snacks.”

Omar had some success with the TV series Smart Guy, and then appeared on a few episodes of the show One on One. In the mid 2000’s, he had steady roles on the TV series Playmakers and Barbershop before landing a part of the show Miami Medical in 2010. In 2012, he appeared in the movie Christmas in Compton while also lending his time to the set of Family Time, where he played Anthony Stallworth.

If you’re a fan of rap, you might know Omar best by the name “Big O”. In fact, he’s even had his brother help out with some of his albums.

“Hip hop just became angrier and lost its respect and the lyrical content was lost,” Omar said in a 2010 interview with Hip Hop DX. “I want to be able to create something of substance that is meaningful to the people. I’m definitely going to do my part to bring the west coast back.”

What are some of your favorite moments from Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper?

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