Half Full

Half Full: Zit Happens

Hello everyone, I am Joselyn and I have a pretty hard time being positive.


No one wants to think they’re the wet blanket on this wacky rollercoaster we call life, so in an effort to become a more happy and insightful person, I’m going to try and only see the glass half full from now on.

Half Full Situation:

I still get zits.

I’m thirty years old with the skin of a hormonal teenager.

Might sound silly, but it’s easy to spiral into a sad place of crazy when you’re staring down a humdinger of a pimple on your face. Trust me. It’s a sad, slippery, sad slope of sadz.

Half Empty #1:

It’s embarrassing.

I realize this is a thing. I’ve watched enough Teen Mom 2 to see several thousand Proactiv commercials with people of all shapes and sizes talking about their various skin probbies. But this adult acne thing? There’s not enough concealer in the world to hide my horror every time one of those jerks pops out of my skin and makes it’s horrifying grand entrance. I’m a grown woman!

Half Full:

It’s only a zit. The truth is, there could be much worse things growing under my dermis.

Sounds weird, but it’s true: it’s only a zit and I’m lucky that it’s my skin’s biggest problem.

Half Empty #2:

It’s gross. Plain and simple. Yuckamosa 5000.

Half Full:

Maybe if I wasn’t so lazy, I would always fully wash and clean my face before I pass out at night. But I AM lazy. Woo boy, am I lazy*.

And if I’m going to keep ranting and raving about being too “old” to have zits, then I’m also “old” enough to be responsible. Right? So no matter my age, if I’m not taking care of my skin, zit happens.

Haha, get it? ZIT HAPPENS.

Half Empty #3:


Half Full:

My 60-something mother still gets a pesky pimple every now and again. It’s kind of like an annoying fountain of youth that she has learned to find hilarious.  Of course, I’d rather look through an old yearbook than see a pile of acne on my face, but beggars can’t be choosers. Plus, most of the guys I crushed on in HS are overweight and boring now anyway. I bet they couldn’t even appreciate a zit for it’s youthful attributes if they tried.  So I’ll deal with ’em and quit my yammering.

So what have we learned, kids? Well one, that I’m lazy. But two, that zits are just a fact of life. A big ol’ nasty fact. But you know what they (me) say:


Now wash your little face and move on.

*Best tip ever? Keep a container of facial washcloths on your nightstand. That way you have no excuses and probably, way less breakouts.

Pizza image via Flickr