Haley Reinhart


Haley Reinhart is the 21-year-old Illinois native who won over American Idol viewers with her unique, standout performances and jazzy vocal style as a Season 10 finalist — released her debut album Listen Up! in May on Entertainment/Interscope Records. The standard and deluxe versions, which includes four added songs, of Listen Up! promise a retro-flavored, yet thoroughly contemporary-sounding collection of songs, penned by Haley, along with her collaborators: Mike Elizondo, busbee, Rob Kleiner, Rune Westberg and Chris Seefried.  Get Listen Up! on iTunes now! This is an album you want to buy, for real. Haley’s unique sound will be your perfect summer companion, whether you are in the car, on the beach, BBQ’ing with friends, or really anywhere.

Praise is pouring in for Listen Up! with the New York Times declaring it “a taut album full of meaty, thickly arranged pop-soul that suits her booming voice extremely well” and USA Today giving the album 3 stars “..a vivacious bit of post-Adele neo-soul.” Artist Direct said “Haley Reinhart has made one of the best debuts of 2012, and she might just help revive a little old soul in the process.”

For more info on Haley, check out her Facebook and follow her on Twitter @HaleyReinhart

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