"Hair" Do: Allison Jayne's Gaga Tribute

Where to begin with the amazingness in this tribute to Lady Gaga’s “Hair” by Allison Jayne, directed by Natasha Bedu? Well, let’s start with the excellence of what the Fug Girls call the “head suit”, because it’s pretty much illegal to approach this with the level of follicular jankness and split ends I’ve got tucked in my librarian blogger bun, so kudos to stylist Lisa Cavalone. Further biguppage has to go to the costumes created by Autumn Steed, striking just the right Gagaesque balance of whimsy and whaaaa? And don’t even get me started on the fabulous fantasy makeup looks by Daniel Blaylock, because it’s actually a nice day out here and I promised myself I wouldn’t spend it online searching for the perfect shade of not-quite-Pepto-Bismol pink lipstick like she’s sporting.

But it’s the energy that sells this performance, and with her first platinum album under her belt before the age of 15, this powerhouse (known for previous recordings as ShutupStella and fan_3 and featured on soundtracks in films like Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen and Baby Mama) now has me tapping my toes (albeit politely – I am Canadian, after all) in anticipation of her next release. Get it, girl. (Video by Allison Jayne on YouTube)

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