Haiku: Are Kate Upton and Diddy Dating?Jason Shapiro

There’s a new hot couple in town, and it’s Diddy and Kate Upton. Well, maybe. We don’t know for sure if they are dating yet, but news outlets are going crazy with the thought of it. Dupty, as I’d like to call them, may be 23 years apart, but age isn’t even a thing in the world of arts and entertainment. So let’s celebrate this possible union with haiku:

New power couple?

Diddy and Upton are it.

Love can conquer all.


Talent, brains, beauty.

Kim and Kanye should worry.

Dupty be thy name.


Will they get married?

So much to look forward to.

Hollywood is great.

Even if we find out tomorrow that they aren’t dating, or if they deny it for a while and keep us guessing, I’ll be happy just knowing it was a possibility. This is the kind of news that keeps me coming back. It’s like the Internet version of will-they-won’t-they. Long live Dupty!

Featured image via NYMag


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