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Grouplove – ‘Colours'

Grouplove is an LA (via Brooklyn) indie pop band I discovered back in May when they put out an EP featuring this track ‘Colours’ (love the Euro spelling) that was so engaging on it’s own that I immediately downloaded the rest of the EP and became a huge fan.  I know it isn’t exactly a brand spanking new jam and probably some of you have heard it before (it has since become a staple on Alt Nation on XM), but it is one of those songs that everyone I introduce it to just becomes completely hooked on and wants to hear more so I figured it was prime material for Now Hear This.  Grouplove has that typical L.A. band story, you know the one where a bunch of people meet and forge a friendship during a summer artists’ residency on the island of Crete (who even knows what that means), decide to get together stateside and work on some music in the drummer’s home studio, put out a ridiculously good EP and then start opening for Florence + The Machine.  Right.

Besides the great background story, the band has a lot going for them including lead singer Christian Zucconi’s half yelling/half whining/all awesome vocals and this loud-quiet-loud style the Pixies pioneered two decades before but that Grouplove is killing it with in 2011.  ‘Colours’ is the perfect example of this and I guarantee will draw you into this band as it has done for so many I have played it for already.

This track is special to me for another reason, too.  My best friend, Eddie, has this hilarious thing he does where when he loves a song he somehow manages to never learn the actual lyrics to it but comes up with words he thinks fit  in there just the same…and then belt those made up words just as loud as someone would who knows the real words, with just as much confidence.  Then I hear him singing them and I die laughing since I know what the real words are and even after I tell him what the correct lyrics are, he continues to sing his own version…and the laughter cannot be contained.  Some past genius examples of this are: during the chorus of the title track AC/DC song ‘Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap’ my buddy says, “Dirty Deeds and The Thunder Chief” (what?!) – where Bell Biv Devoe actually say, “Wrong move…you’re dead” in the 90s hip-hop classic ‘Poison’ Eddie likes to say, “Why won’t you dance?” (amazingness!) and in the Stevie Wonder staple ‘Superstitious’ instead of, “Very superstitious” he likes to sing, “Dirty superstitions.”  The best part is that most of the time the weird lyric he has changed is the actual title of the song!  We marvel at it every time.  ‘Colours’ is one of those songs that he decided his own lyrics work better for and sang them for me so loud in the car one day it just totally made this song one of my favorites of the year.  I’m sure you guys know someone who does this kind of creative lyric switcheroo, or maybe it’s you who plays the songsmith for your friends.  Either way, in the spirit of my BFF, I say screw it…sing whatever words you like and sing them loud.

So, take a listen to ‘Colours’ and just try to stop yourself from belting something out during that infectious chorus (whether it’s the real words or not)…it’s impossible, I promise.  The music video is this kooky Mad Max/Native American battle mini-movie that is slightly disturbing and super weird but somehow super joyful at the same time.  If you like this track and want to hear more, their full length album Never Trust A Happy Song is out now and you can buy it here:

Check out the other stand-out songs ‘Don’t Say Oh Well’ and ‘Naked Kids’ and you can catch them out on the road on their first headlining tour through the end of October.  I hope you guys dig it too, so let me know what you think.

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