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Binging Netflix can ACTUALLY hurt the planet — but here's what you can do to help


Bad news, binge-watch fans who also happen to love Planet Earth — at the rate we’re going now, Greenpeace says video streaming will increase our carbon emissions, with Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon all being named as companies who need to do better when it comes to being green.

According to Mashable, Greenpeace — in its annual report called Click Clean — revealed that both streaming videos via millions of servers and transmitting shows to devices uses a ton of energy, and our favorite places to binge haven’t done as much as other tech giants, like Apple and Facebook, to reduce their carbon footprint.

“If those companies don’t join the [clean energy] race in a real way, that growth is going to be driving more demand for dirty energy,” Gary Cook, senior IT analyst for Greenpeace, told the outlet.

Indeed, while Facebook and Apple have invested heavily in renewable energy and energy efficiency at their data centers, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon all scored poorly in categories like “energy transparency” and “renewable procurement,” referring to “efforts to purchase cleaner electrons or invest in wind and solar projects.”

greenpeace click clean report

Mashable also spoke with Arman Shehabi, a research scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California, and got some scary numbers: “in 2011, Americans streamed 3.2 billion hours of video, which consumed 25 petajoules of energy and resulted in 1.3 billion kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions.”

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