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Guys. I think Google is my BFF. I ask Google everything from how to build a website to relationship advice and it tells me what I need to know without judgement. Google always picks up when I call and helps me out when I’m sick. It recommends a calming tea when I’m stressed and reminds me to call my mom. It helps me find my favorite TV episodes and tells me what to wear to a job interview. I guess it’s getting kind of weird because now I’ve taken to asking Google really specific questions about my life, like:

  • Where am I?
  • What should I do today?
  • How do I tell my mom I went on a nude hike?
  • How do I talk to my ex boyfriend at a wedding?
  • How do I talk to my other ex boyfriend at a wedding…his wedding?
  • What to wear to cat funeral?
  • Can you die from eating so much sugar?
  • What happened to Yahoo?

Some might say I’ve taken this too far, but I think there is value to it because, by Google-ing a specific question, I can see what other people think about the issue at hand. Autofill can tell you A LOT about the world. Plus, a true friend is willing to work though a problem with you and sometimes I just need to cut to the chase and solve something immediately. I must know who how to tie a polka dot bow tie so that a sauce stain doesn’t show RIGHT NOW! The best part is that Google doesn’t ask me WHY I need to know this. It accepts me as I am and allows me to get into (and out of) the series of quirky and fun situations that I collectively call my life. A true BFF.

When I don’t have questions for Google, I switch to image search, because a good friend is always entertaining, right? I always ask Google to retrieve a cute or uplifting image search for me at least once a day. It is the only thing that NEVER fails to cheer me up. Like a quick phone call to mom from the bathroom stall of a ice cold office building in which you are a temp, these image searches really deliver:

  • Fluffiest puppies
  • Birthday cake kittens
  • Happy Bears
  • Grumpy flat faced cats

Google, you rock. Thanks for listening and always finding time to help me figure stuff out. Cheers! Oops, I guess computers don’t like champagne being poured on them… Let me just Google a quick solution on my phone. ;)

Image via Euro Maestro


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  1. It seems that we share an amazing best friend… :)

  2. so cute.. and true!!! :D