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There's an intense new way to travel the world with this new Google Earth tool

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Whether you’d rather dive into shark-filled waters off the coast of Fiji or hover above the frigid Mirny Airport in Siberia, Google Earth’s new Voyager feature will get you there in an instant — and keep you distracted for hours.

Google revealed a number of new tools Wednesday to help users navigate the virtual globe; a tool called “Voyager” offers a menu of thematic tours, while new “knowledge cards” provide factoids about sites and scenes throughout the world. Upgraded imagery makes flying over the Andes or island hopping at the Mili Atoll more realistic and stunning than ever.

 Google’s editors recommended a few of their favorite routes. Land Art from Above lets users jump from one massive sculpture to another — from Robert Smithson’s Spiral Jetty in Utah; to the Hartland County Corn Maze in Harrisburg, South Dakota; then on to Northumberlandia, a giant female nude reclining across the English countryside.

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Other tours take you barhopping to the favorite water holes of Ernest Hemingway; diving into Indonesian waters; or exploring the sights and avenues of cities such as New York, Tokyo and Paris. A tour of the Grand Canyon conveniently drops users off at the park’s visitor center; from there you can click on the most popular vistas and enter Google’s street view from the cliff’s edge.

The tools are easy to navigate, and the options are diverse — there are even a few routes designed for parents to explore with their kids.

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