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Goodwill Goodies

I love thrifting! Yes, it’s a now a word. One of my favorite spots to thrift is the good ol’ Goodwill! People often ask me, “How do I shop at a thrift store? I’m so bad at it, I never know what to get!” Okay, calm down, watch this wacky dance video to see me demoing some outfits based around Goodwill and thrift store finds. There are some tips and some (ahem) sweet rave moves, all against a ghetto green screen…just watch it. And comment with any questions!

Basic Rules when it comes to thrifting for clothes:

  1. Try to find basic pieces first. Ex: white blouse, long loose tank, slips, blazers, neutral colored items
  2. Snob out on fabric quality. That’s the benefit of thrift store shopping! You can get silks and linens and wools for way less than you would new. I’m not opposed to a once in a while polyester blouse or blazer but remember that synthetic fabrics hold on to body odors and cigarette smoke more than natural fibers…so use your sniffer as the judge!
  3. Think outside the box. Ex: a great muu muu-type dress that looks hideous in its current comforter-sized state, but cut off to mini length and possibly belted and voila, a whole new piece! Same goes for high-waisted jeans cut into short shorts, etc.
  4. Buy too big rather than too small. It seems to be a rule, in my opinion, that things look better slightly larger than too small. If your item is hugging too tight it will cheapen the look and not flatter your figure. But, if it’s a little slouchy and the fabric has room to move, it elevates the quality of the garment and looks way more flattering. plus, you can always have it taken in! You only paid $7 for the dress so get a $15 tailoring job to make it perfect!
  5. Wild card pieces. Sure, get that printed blazer, or geometric print dress! Just know that you’re going to have to play against type and pair it with something simple, etc. (see look #3 in the video). I’d stick to the basics first and if you’re going to go wild, get a great blazer, jacket or a muu muu to cut as your first out-there thrifted piece.

Video Outfits:

  • Find #1: thrifted leather mini skirt paired with slouchy white tank and black bra from Urban, poncho from LF, shoes from Nasty Gal, random silver jewelry
  • Find #2: thrifted knit white tank dress paired with my sister’s sheer black cardigan, vintage statement necklace and Converse high-tops
  • Find #3: thrifted muumuu which i cut to mini length paired with thrifted white lace pumps
  • Find #4: thrifted white blouse and plaid blazer paired with J Brand skinny jeans and Marc Jacobs pumps, Mr. Kate Bark Ear Cuff
  • Find #5: thrifted velvet maxi skirt and black dress worn as a top, paired with thrifted scarf worn as a turband, Jessica Simpson wedges and Mr. Kate Spork Necklace


  • Jen Vallette

    Th rifting is the best! Especially for decor and furniture. Sometimes I get weirded out about the clothes. I’m a freak like that 😉

  • Melissa K. Nodurft

    Hell yeah, thrifting! And hell yeah, Goodwill! My friends all swear by salvo, but I feel much better handing my $10 over to Goodwill.

  • Emily Douglas

    Goodwill is a great place! I also love independent thrift stores that donate to CMHA and homeless shelters. Gotta make sure it goes to a good cause.

  • Laura Mayaneli Brown

    Hello fellow thrifter! Goodwill is such a fantastic place to go not only because they have great items and have the realm all of the whole world inside of this space, but they also help support the people who don’t have a job during these hard times.
    Another tip I would recommend for you yearning thrifters is to be completely oblivious toward sizes. You never know if an enlarged sweater could pass as a cool baggy dress or if the little girl or boys section may have something wating to be bought. Thrifting is simple really (and almost becoming my religion). Walking into a thrift store you have to be courageous and DIG into everything! The treasure is always buried beneath the sand and well in this case, racks of clothing. Thanks for an awesome blog!

  • Jessica Day

    I hit up my local Goodwill yesterday and snagged some very cute and cheap items! Thanks for the info and the inspiration.

  • Kourtney Christine

    I love thrifting I go at least once every other week. Im addicted! My bestie and I just set a day and use that day to go to EVERY thrift store we can find! but of course we normally find garage sales on our way there also! Love used things!

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