Good Grief: It's Christmas Time Again, Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown: one of the deepest, most existential thinkers of our time. In A Charlie Brown Christmas, he battles with trying to find the meaning of Christmas as he’s surrounded by the commercialism of it all, and people who care more about fake trees and presents than the true spirit of the holiday season. It can be hard to not let our inner Charlie Brown out each year when December rolls around, but the trick is not going into the Christmas season with a bad, ‘I give up’ attitude. Let that inner Charlie Brown come out, but make sure it’s the one who doesn’t give up on Christmas, the one who picks the worst, most run down tree (that in seconds is turned into the most beautiful tree on the block by friends that are starting to understand). Let the Charlie out that never gets up no matter how much life, and Christmas, seems to constantly beat him down.

Maybe you’re away from family, spending it alone, having money woes, spending it with your significant others family or just don’t like the whole ordeal. Well, I’m here to help you deal, cope and live a Santa-size, extra large December. My advice might help, it might not and the world might end on 12.21.12. Regardless, none of us know anything for sure, right?


When I say, “buy into it”, I don’t mean literally, I mean spiritually. This will be hard for many to do, because the charades of it all is what drives some away. But if you can try hard to throw your hands in the air and just give into it, you might have a little fun, even if it’s ironically (shout out to the Holiday Hipsters). Laugh at the horrible commercials (nobody puts a bow on a car LEXUS you silly bastards!), and maybe tear up at the sad sweet ones, and maybe throw your ceramic elves at the TV when that Ford guy comes one, but don’t fight them, you can run, but you can’t hide. Smile back when someone gives you a smile or a wave. Say Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays to people, it’s weird how much that actually helps. Go walk around the mall and just people watch in a super pretty setting with the mall all holidayed out. Go to your fav coffee shop and get something all minty. Throw some red and green into your wardrobe. Buy into the commercial side of Christmas, the charade that is oh so annoying, because when you just let go, it makes everything a little lighter, and a lot better.


People often complain about Christmas music, but those people are just doing it all wrong. Listening to good Christmas music makes all the difference. Check out the Charlie Brown Christmas collector’s edition set. You can’t go wrong with any of the three CD’s inside. Then add the never-gets-old “I Wish It Was Christmas Today” from SNL, and get crazy by downloading the Julian Casablanca’s cover. The Elf soundtrack is the tops all the way through. If you start with those three, you will be well on your way to singing in your car, which makes everyone happier.


People who diet or calorie count or whatever the month of December are super crazy. They want to make sure they can fit into whatever for the big New Year’s Eve party. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket! Crack those eggs and use them to make lots of cookies! Treat the month of December like an eating vacation. Enjoy the snacks and treats and drinks of it all, and don’t care. That’s what is great about the new year right around the corner, you can easily go right back to your healthy routine and even have a resolution in your pocket for more incentive. Hit that kitchen. Even if you’re not a great cook or whatever, just get in the kitchen and have fun. Spike that eggnog and print off that Pinterest recipe and go nuts!


It really is all about the giving, but don’t forget to give to yourself. If you find something on sale, or just something you really want, get it. You work hard all year, you deserve it. While you’re making sure you haven’t forgotten someone on your list, don’t forget yourself.


Nothing will help more than surrounding yourself in fun Christmas decorations. Even if you are solo, it’s nice to turn the corner and see your tree lit up, or mark off each day on an advent calendar or see your wreath on your door each day you come home. Even as a single bachelor I do this, and it’s always fun and totally worth it. Nothing is more cozy than Christmas lights hanging from anywhere in your place.


Do one thing you wouldn’t normally do. Go drive through a neighborhood known for its decorations. Take your loved one on a horse and carriage ride with some hot chocolate. Go see your local production of The Nutcracker or other holiday themed play/musical/ballet and dress to the nines when you go. Spend a day watching Christmas movies. Just do something that is totally holiday-esque and have fun with it.


If you are spending Christmas with your family, don’t go into it with a bad attitude. Yes, they might annoy you, they might be crazy and you might not be able to make it more than a day, but if you go into it thinking all of that, you’ve already lost. Make a statement by being the one person in your family who is drama-free. Don’t let anything bother you. Be supportive and sweet, and in turn you will be surprised how much of an affect that has on other people.


  • Smoke a candy cane like a cigarette.
  • Make a video on your phone of you dancing to your favorite Christmas tune.
  • Send a ridiculous Christmas card to a stranger.
  • Wear an ugly sweater proudly.
  • Try to laugh like Santa would, real loud and ho ho ho’ey, at least once a day.
  • Make a stocking for your pet.
  • Ignore all things related to any kind of Christmas vs. Holiday arguments.
  • Dance. Dance like every character in Charlie Brown. I promise you will smile.

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