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I grew up in Marin County, California. Marin, for some reason, has a crazy high Breast Cancer rate, so for my entire life I’ve been made extremely aware of the effects of Breast Cancer, not only on those living with the disease but on their friends and family as well. Every donation helps. October is national Breast Cancer Awareness month, so it is the perfect time to start donating and looking out for amazing products that lend support to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation®.

These Gold Canyon Candles are the ultimate Breast Cancer product to me. They smell s0 incredible and delicious. Like, so good you wish you could eat them. Honestly, I just want to burn them constantly in every room of my house so that it smells like a sweet sugar cookie everywhere I go. I can seriously tell you that if you only buy one of these candles, you’ll be really disappointed you didn’t order more. Because here is the thing. While I would normally tell anyone I loved (all of you obviously) to go and buy a bunch of any candle you like so your whole house can smell the same and delicious, not just one room at a time, I can’t even suggest that with these. This candle literally filled my entire house, each roommate’s bedroom, the kitchen, living room and all the hallways with just one candle burning on the dining room table. It was incredible. I say stock up because you’ll get addicted to this amazing smell. And, everyone who visits will want one, too. You should probably have enough to last months and to give out as gifts to everyone you know.

The Gold Canyon Sugar Cookie has always been a favorite! Sweet cream, butter, sugar and vanilla baked to pink perfection and packaged as a breast cancer tribute. 10% of the retail value from every tribute candle sold will be donated to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.
BCRF is an organization dedicated to funding innovative clinical and translational research worldwide. More than 90 cents of every dollar donated to BCRF goes directly to research and awareness programs.
So order yours now from ! If you order during the month of October, you will get free shipping, too!

Sponsored by: Gold Canyon Candles

  • Sarah Coyne

    I’m a little disappointed to see what appears to be another example of pinkwashing on hellogiggles. This company’s website does not list this candle’s ingredients but does say that they are made of wax. Paraffin wax, which is what many candles are made of, is a carcinogen! That is un-Alanis levels of irony right there. Breast cancer is certainly an important issue, but making careful consumer decisions about what can actually help in the fight is important. There are a couple of great websites out there about these issues including Also, October is also National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, which is another vital issue to many women which often gets overlooked because of all the pinking.

  • Sophia Rossi

    Thank you for making us aware of National Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

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