Gobble, Gobble! 10 Thanksgiving Treats for Your Apartment

In a matter of days, we’ll be flying/driving/walking/apparating over to the fam’s house to spend some quality Turkey Day time with the great aunts who keep mispronouncing our names and the long lost second cousins who pop in for free food. Or maybe, some of us will be having guests of our own over to our apartment for the festivities (cue frantic cleaning).

And since I scoured the net but couldn’t find super cute Turkey Day gear (Christmas already?!), I turned to the savior that is Etsy for my findings. If you haven’t already dropped your last paycheck on handmade greeting cards and cupcake boxes, you will in about five minutes.

So, no matter where you stuff your face this year, here are 10 turkey home goods for you to gobble up. Houseware comas, here we come!

Thanksgiving Turkey Cake Pops ($30/dozen, Etsy.com)

Gals with a job, take note: your boss(es) are preparing to spend four whole days at the mercy of a gaggle of insane relatives. They will be grouchy. Chocolate will fix this, especially when it comes in the form of cake pops that are irresistibly adorbs.

Turkey Picture Holder ($12.50, Etsy.com)

This is the perfect (affordable!) gift for the ‘rents if you’re making the trek back home for the holidays. They’ll love showing off awkward family photos on it –and will remember your thoughtfulness when Christmas/Hanukkah/whatever in the world you celebrate rolls around.

Thanksgiving Turkey Potholder Set ($8, Etsy.com)

If you’re even considering doing a little bit of holiday cooking, these potholders are a must to protect your prettily polished fingers. After all, blistered hands will put you at a total disadvantage when you’re fighting for that last slice of pie!

Very Terry Turkey Apron ($20, Etsy.com)

Making constant kitchen runs? This will save your holiday gear from gravy splashes and cake explosions while keeping you looking tres chic in impromptu family photos.

Thanksgiving Themed Bottlecap Magnets ($4.95, Etsy.com)

When you have no time (or green) to do some last-minute decorating, stick these on your fridge and voila. Instant holiday magic!

Keep Calm and Gobble On 8 x 10 Print ($14.99, Etsy.com)

Fun, eye-catching, and quirky? Yes, please!

Thanksgiving Turkey Soap ($5.50, Etsy.com)

Impress your guests with these festive soaps. But be warned: with vanilla hazelnut, gingerbread & spice and almond as scents, your guests will be spending record time in the restroom.

Gobble Cupcake Wrappers ($15.99/dozen, Etsy.com)

No Thanksgiving cupcake creation is complete without a little gobble, gobble!

Cute Vegetarian Turkey Set ($7.20, Etsy.com)

Whether you’ll be noshing on tofurkey this Thanksgiving or have a veggie-loving BFF, this coaster set is sure to be an entertaining conversation starter…just don’t go PETA on your meat-eating grandmother!

 Silly Turkey Thanksgiving Card ($3.25, Etsy.com)

This cute little card makes a big statement –one that your vegetarian recipient will adore you for.

Image via FoodNetworkFans.com.