Give Kaitlin Nootbaar Her [Expletive] Diploma

How many times have you heard about high school hijinx? Pranks, skip days, outrageous stunts- all performed by seniors who want to leave their mark on their four years of secondary education. These students, more often than not, are glorified by their peers, and receive nothing more than an obligatory slap on the hand by administrators.

A story that is not often heard, is one where a student works unbelievably hard to receive perfect marks all through school. Becomes the valedictorian of her class. Receives a full scholarship to college. Yet still manages to be admonished publicly, and so outrageously that it becomes national news.

This is the story of Kaitlin Nootbaar, the star valedictorian at the local high school in Prague, Okla. Kaitlin recently went to the school’s office to pick up her diploma, which she more than earned through years of hard work and studying, only to be told she would not receive it. Obviously she must have done something extreme, right? Poured blood on a fellow classmate at the prom? Herded live animals into the school halls on the last day? Went streaking through campus?

Nope. Kaitlin had the GALL to use the word “hell” in her graduation speech. To be exact, she quoted “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse,” and said when people ask her what she wants to be she says, “How the hell do I know? I’ve changed my mind so many times.”

Appalling, right? Totally deserving of not receiving a piece of paper that commends her for her years of hard work and excellence, right?? The administration, who is choosing not to comment, has said if she gives them a written apology they will allow her to receive her diploma. I hope for every girl who reads her story and is inspired, she politely declines their offer.

The real kicker? The school’s mascot is the Red Devil, which is theoretically something straight from hell.

Image from ABC News.

  • Matthew Burns

    I could write an essay of things she could have said that are more offensive than “hell”. In fact I don’t think that’s been deemed offensive since the 1950’s.

  • Jennifer Louise O’Neill

    No it’s not! Give her the diploma she earned!!! Saying something that wasn’t taken as offensive by the crowd should not give them the right to deny her graduation and a diploma. She earned it, she should get it.

    • Chelsie Jordan

      O.o isn’t that illegal? To not give someone their diploma even though they passed every class and graduated? If it’s not it should be. I have heard teachers say hell before… Its not a big deal! plus she was quoting something out of a book, a book that im sure they have in their library. This is just ridiculous…

  • Reagan Wages

    I can definitely understand in a parent’s perspective on why the word “hell” would be offensive if little ears were listening, but not giving someone who worked their tail off their diploma over such a small thing! Ridiculous!

  • Duane Hansen Fernandez

    “The real kicker? The school’s mascot is the Red Devil, which is theoretically something straight from hell.”
    Seriously, THE MASCOT IS THE RED DEVIL!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mauro Ferritto

    You can email that superintendant Rick Martin here:
    He’s the one holding back her diploma. Buch of morons! I’d be sooo effing pissed!

  • Daisi Owens

    I love that she’s not apologizing, nor should she! The school should be embarrassed and she should be PROUD.

  • Sara Kazemi

    Denied because she quoted a horrible movie. Ha ha ha. No, but, in all seriousness, that is flat out ridiculous. They should be writing a formal apology to her, not vice versa.

  • Katy Littlejohn

    Ricky Martin, give her her due!!!!

  • Holly Crawford

    To hold this girl’s diploma over such a small indescretion is unreasonable. There are other ways to show disapproval without jeopardizing one of your top student’s future. Come on administration…lighten up!

  • Anna Withers-Walbridge

    good thing you don’t need a high school diploma to go to college…

  • Kym Moore

    thanx Mauro, i just emailed Mr. Martin… ridiculous man! lets clog his inbox, and get this young lady what she deserves.

  • Robert Remillard

    I had to check my calender. Yes it is 2012. This is exactly why I’m a liberal. The other guys just seem to have too much desire to start restricting freedoms-like speech.

  • Kay Watson

    The kicker is that she changed it to heck, let the school admins read the speech, which they approved. She just got caught up in the moment! It was purely an accident that she even said hell. So glad small town Oklahoma making national news for such a worthy reason…..NOT!

    • Rebecca Fernandez

      Love you, Kay- you’re hilarious.

  • Rudy Honey Badger Martinez

    1st amendment of the constitution ” Freedom of Speech” The ACLU should be all over this!

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