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Girls Learn International

This summer I was introduced to an awesome organization and I have been very excited to share it with you!

Girls Learn International®, Inc. gives American girls a voice in the movement for universal girls’ education. Girls Learn International®, Inc. (GLI) pairs American middle and high school-based Chapters with international Partner Schools in countries where girls have traditionally been denied access to education.

By providing U.S. girls with a human rights education and a broader understanding of the world, they can develop the cross-cultural understanding, advocacy and communication skills integral to leadership within their local and global communities. By connecting U.S. and international students GLI seeks to create a diverse network of youth leaders committed to girls’ education and equality.

The GLI Program has 4 main elements…

Learning About Human Rights & Girls Education
Through the curriculum members will learn about basic human rights, who has access to these rights, and why some people are denied their basic human rights. Members will learn about the country where their Partner School is located and the obstacles facing girls in this region.

Members raise awareness in their schools and communities about the challenges facing girls in their Partner Schools. Advocacy projects may include: information campaigns, art exhibits, film screenings, petition circulation, and lobbying. The goal is to encourage members to share their new knowledge with other students and community members. 

Cultural Exchange
The cultural exchange component connects members and Partner Schools. Students will correspond with one another through letters, artwork, and an exchange project. Cultural exchange projects include: cookbook exchanges, quilt exchanges, personal story/poetry exchanges, scrapbook exchanges, and music tape/CD exchanges.

Chapters are required to raise at least $500 annually to support girls’ education in their Partner School. Funds raised have been used in Partner Schools to pay for: school uniforms, tuition costs, school supplies, nutritious food, and general operating costs.

Apply now to become a leader and advocate for positive social change!

P.S. Thank you Lorraine Sheinberg for being a fearless and fantastic role model. Watching you passionately  fight for girl’s and women’s rights around the world has been very inspiring!

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