I was a Girl Scout for most of my childhood. My troop was well known for leading camp song after camp song at the regional Girl Scout camp outs, but by far my favorite part of the whole experience was cookie season. I would beg and plead for my Mom to take an order sheet to her office, she always refused, claiming (correctly) that it wouldn’t teach me the lessons that Girl Scout cookie sales are supposed to instill in young ladies, but I still managed to get her to order enough boxes to last through out the year.

So last week when I was at work and saw someone had taped a Girl Scout cookie order form to the side of their cubicle, I was a little bit angry that my Mom never caved to my pleas for her to do the same. But mostly I was salivating over the boxes of cookies I was about to order.

In case you aren’t as familiar with the family of Girl Scout cookies as I am, here is some photographic proof of their deliciousness. All the pictures are taken from the Girl Scout Website, and let me tell you – the cookies live up to both the pictures and bios. ┬áMy personal favorites are the Samoas and Thin Mints (especially if you put them in the freezer), but they all hold a special place in my heart.

What are your favorite Girl Scout cookie flavors? Let us know in the comments below!

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