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Ginger Seeking Ginger to Save the Universe

As a redhead, coming from a long line of redheads, I had quite the chuckle when I heard the news report in 2007 that we will be extinct in 100 years. At the time, it seemed like a silly joke science was playing us – let’s all poke fun at the weird freckled kids with no souls!

It wasn’t until recently that I began to actually care about the future of my “race”. Two things have changed my mind set in the last year.  The first came from dating my first ever ginger – curly haired, fluffy bearded and freckled (I’m a firm believer that once you go ginger, you never go back). The second is the realization that I’m approaching 25. I’m beginning to feel the tiniest pull to make a difference and shack up with someone who can eventually help me keep these amber locks alive.

But finding a dateable ginger is no easy task – especially when you are looking for someone redheaded to share a John Hughes moment with. I find myself meeting men that seem great and would be perfect for a brunette or a blonde, but not me. I can usually overlook criminal records or mother issues, but if they don’t have that beautiful rust in their beard, I just can’t commit.

So what is a ginger seeking a ginger to do? Less than two percent of the world’s population has natural red hair! That number doesn’t account for the box gingers we have come to know and love like Emma Stone and Christina Hendricks. My odds of saving my people, and maybe the universe, are slim to none!

So this is my decree, my battle cry, my declaration:  Fellow gingers – we must stand together! When you wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and think, “Damn, I am one sexy ginger!” you should immediately go out and get ya some just like you. Whether it’s your head, your beard or somewhere else no one wants to know about, if you are ginger, find another ginger to love.

No matter what it takes, this redhead will continue to fight and search for her crimson partner in crime – soul optional.

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  • Oriol Garcia Casas

    It is an undeniable fact, the problem is we have no nation, how much Scotland: (

  • Chris Martinez

    this made me giggle far too much… I should step away from the computer. Although the sentiment isn’t lost on me. What a shame should gingers go extinct! So I say yes, all you hot gingers, go forth and save the species!

  • Celia Escamilla

    Don’t forget about the genetically half-gingers! We count, too, even if our dark hair disguises the lack of soul!

  • Alle Connell

    Hey guys. This whole “redheads going extinct” thing is total bogus science. Here’s an article debunking it, if you’d like:

  • Stephanie Hale

    Hahahahaha love this…i read in national geographic that there will be no ginger babies born in thus thinking my kids will never come out with red hair…..i am also a ginger..married to a handsome blond irishman…and we ended up having the cutest ginger boy ever!! So there is hope for the fellow ladies in the very distant future!! lol if he finds a lovely ginger lady : )

  • Helena Pearly Gates

    I’m a ginger and I’ve found my ginger soul mate already, but there’s one problem. He lives on the other side of the world and is 20 something years old. His name is Ed Sheeran. It sadly doesn’t quite work out.

  • Hilary June

    I’m not the only one who has thought about this!! I was born with orange hair and over the years it has naturally changed to dark brown … I want to keep the gene alive!! Sometimes these sort of genes skip (several) generations.
    I met this red headed guy once who said he would never date a girl with red hair because he felt like they were related.

  • Vickie Pettigrew Burch

    Here, Here!!!! Applause!!!!!

  • Sarrah Anne Crow

    I’m a natural ginger as well and I fear for future generations that our race will be no more. I’ve kind of given up my dream of finding a ginger man though, as I am currently dating an Italian one with natural black hair. I feel I will be partially to blame for not actually trying to have ginger babies. I’m so sorry.

  • Heather Leppert

    I had this same revelation!! I need a ginger baby. I am not kidding when I say that I have asked my date if they have any redheads in their family haha. You keep looking!!

  • Bobbie Yvonne Kingsbury

    I have 3 red-headed “ginger” children. I have naturally dark brown hair. I think Gingers are great and I have no fear that they will continue to live on. I don’t believe gingers will be extinct. God loves gingers too much.

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