Gigglers Dressed as Celebrities!

I asked you guys to submit pictures of your celebrity Halloween costumes, and  boy, did you guys respond!  I’m sorry if yours didn’t make the final cut. I promise each and every one of you is a special star who had a great costume and it just wasn’t picked because there was so many to choose from. Or it stunk. It was for one of those two reasons.


Tracie got to show off her grill as Lil’ Wayne while Kelsey tipped her sunglasses in her Kaine of the Yin Yang Twins get up.

Sam as Mr. Rogers. I just want to be her neighbor! Why won’t she let me be her neighbor? I just want to take off shoes so we can put on different, slightly more comfortable shoes together!

Max and Eva dressed as Russell Brand and Katy Perry, cupcake boobs and all.

Kristen made a great Kim Kardashian. The finishing touch, she said, was putting two scarves down the back of her pantyhose to enhance her, uh, assets. Later on her hands got cold so she became…

Gorilla Kardashian!

Kara makes a great Lady Gaga. All I want to know is where she got that bra from, because I think I need it.

A simple mask doesn’t exactly scream originality, but how can anything Ron Swanson related not be amazing? Alanna killed it as Ron. Later on she added some devil horns for no reason at all and people thought she was…

Joseph Stalin. I posted it because he’s kind of a famous dude, right? Like, he’s done some stuff, correct? Heard he’s a great guy, that dude. Done a lot of good for the world. Three cheers for Alanna. Her lack of enthusiasm for her Halloween costume which makes itself apparent by the fact that she changed literally nothing else about her daily outfit is something that Ron Swanson would be proud of. Flawless presentation, Alanna.

This might be my favorite of the bunch and I’m not just saying that because Caeleigh is the only person I (don’t) know who has a more Irish, nonsensical, what-is-WITH-all-those-letters first name than me. What a fantastic Courtney Love costume.

Gillian rocked a Coco costume, complete with a massively long blonde wig. I wonder if she took a tip from Kristen and stuffed scarves down her underwear to highlight what Coco has become most famous for?

Taylor kept it classy as Audrey Hepburn. Love the tiara!

Nina and Lucy rocked some elaborate ocular make up for their Ke$ha and Amy Winehouse costumes.

Mal made a hilarious Ke$ha costume. In addition to those killer tights (girl, WHERE FROM?) she tells me her shirt says “#occupymyvagina”. Don’t tell me that’s a political movement Ke$ha wouldn’t join, because we all know it is.

Slow clap for the creepiest costume of the bunch, Dylan as a hairy Black Swan. The only way he could have made this scarier is if he had a flap of skin hanging from his finger after trying to pull a hang nail…

Did you dress up like a celebrity but didn’t get the opportunity to have your picture on HelloGiggles? Post a picture in the comments!

(Black Swan by Kevin James Photograhy [no, not that Kevin James].)

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