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These 10 gifts are meant for the friend who's bogged down by Mercury Retrograde

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Come on guys, you know us. We hate to be the bearer of bad news. But it’s our obligation to let you know when life might get a little whacky. And it’s about to. On December 19th, Mercury will once again be heading into retrograde. If you’re super sensitive to astrological mishaps, then you might be starting to feel the retroshade effects already (which began December 2nd). For that, we’re truly sorry, but there’s nothing we can do.

Actually, there is something we can do. We can provide you with a list of gifts to give yourself or that special someone who struggles to “keep calm and carry on” through the retrogrades.

Happy shopping, cosmic enthusiasts!

1. The ban.do Rough Draft Mini Notebook ($12)


With a cover appropriate for one who lives their life by the stars, this notebook will keep your friend’s life in order. Whether she’s just writing to-do lists, or keeping track of all the weird stuff the retrograde is throwing at her, this notebook can make her feel more prepared.

2. The Anna Mermaid Crown ($45.99)

The Anna Mermaid Crown

Give your BFF the ability to take control over her life back from Mercury Retrograde! This ~ gorgeous ~ mermaid crown from JUDYandMADELEINE on Etsy will help your friend feel like the fierce queen she is. More importantly, the clear quartz will help her better organize her thoughts and clear up any intentions she’s putting into the world.

3. Mercury Pendant Necklace ($13.75)

Mercury Necklace
Etsy / outofspacejewelry

Show Mercury who’s boss with this beautiful glass pendant necklace from Out Of Space Jewelry on Etsy. Mercury wants to mess with you? Fat chance when you’re the one who has the little guy hanging around your neck. This gift will honestly just make your friend feel like she has the upper hand in this human to planet relationship, which might be just enough to lessen the torment of the retrograde.

4. Clear as a Bell Elixir ($5)

Clear as a Bell Elixir
Etsy / BewitchingSpirits

“Eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint, pine and rosemary mix together with lemon and bergamot to make a slightly sweet and citrus astringent scent to clear the fog from the mind and help make decisions.” This little bottle of clarity is made by Bewitching Spirits and will help those who are befuddled, get through the retrograde with ease. The oils are diluted with jojoba oil and charged with fluorite, clear quartz, citrine, and other clarifying stones and herbs.

5. ban.do Moon and Stars Sunnies ($15)

moon and stars sunnies

These babies are perfect for hiding your tired eyes after a restless night spent worrying about all the things that are going wrong during the retrograde. Available in pink or white, these Moon and Star Sunnies from ban.do are perfect for any cosmically oriented fashionista and will give her the confidence to power through the retrograde tunnel to the light at the end.

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