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Giant Companies Who Treat Their Employees Awesomely

The Walt Disney Company

When you vacation at Disney, you expect a few things – for one, you imagine the parks to be remarkably clean, family friendly, and pretty friendly in general. It’s probably why news of Tigger getting distressed one day and not following protocol soon becomes international news – because it rarely ever happens with a company that seriously wants you to have the best possible experience ever.

Disney offers its employees paid holidays, vacation time, child care centers, company-wide special events, and of course – complimentary theme park admissions. That’s just on top of healthcare benefits, a prescription plan, and educational reimbursements, to help expand career opportunities. “You’re more than your job, and your rewards reflect that,” Disney proudly boasts.

And hey – if you happen to be assigned the role of a Disney Princess, all the better.

Southwest Airlines

Traveling can be super expensive, especially during peak seasons. If you work with Southwest, they guarantee that employees, spouses, eligible dependent children, and parents fly Southwest for free. They’ve also made deals with other companies that help discount the cost of hotels, theme parks, and rental car companies for their staff. And of course, they get all of the standard medical coverage.

Employees also get to participate in chili cook-offs, spirit parties, and an annual Halloween event, since Southwest believes that their staff should have some fun every once in a while. In turn, the staff also has the chance to give back to their communities – many of their pilots volunteer their time visiting fifth grade classes and corresponding with students throughout the year, since they believe in the importance of a strong education.


We’ve all benefited from Zappos before, but here’s how Zappos helps out it’s own: not only do they host company picnics, but they held an event for them called the Zfrog awards, which let employees pitch their own business ideas. Employees have also gotten the chance to be creative with  “laughter yoga” classes, Tank Top Tuesday, and realizing that Zappos recognizes all types of employees – not just the sales reps.

For the animal lovers out there, this is the first company I’ve seen that also offers pet insurance to their employees. All hail Zappos!

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