Getting ‘Over You' Can Be Hard, But We're Giving Away Books to Soften the Blow!Jennifer Still

Okay, don’t lie – you loved The Nanny Diaries as much as I did, didn’t you? Who wouldn’t? It’s amazing. Luckily, now Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus are back with a new book that proves to be just as fun and a total page-turner, to boot. It’s called Over You, and we’re giving you, dear HelloGiggles readers, a chance to win a copy!

From the publisher:

After the grand explosion of her relationship, 17-year-old Max Scott developed what every girl in the history of the world has been waiting for: a way to get over being dumped. Now, Max is the go-to guru for heartbroken high-school girls all over NYC. But when her ex unexpectedly shows up in her neighborhood, Max’s carefully controlled world starts to unravel. With her clients’ hearts hanging in the balance, Max will have to do the seemingly impossible…Get Over Him once and for all.

Sound like something that’s up your alley? We’re giving copies of Over You to five lucky readers, and all you have to do to enter is leave a comment below telling us your go-to way for getting over a bad breakup. If you’re chosen, we’ll zip a book your way to enjoy during the last days of summer.

Good luck, everyone!

You can see more from Emma and Nicole – and more about Over You – over at their official website.

  • Cindy Brassfield

    Remember that you are special and one of a kind and loved with or without him/her. I’d go have fun with friends and try not to think about it, get your mind off of him just go have a BLAST!!!

  • Cindy Brassfield

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  • Christa Castillo

    Remind yourself that you’re loved with or without a boyfriend. Spend time with everyone you’ve missed out on while you were seeing someone exclusively. It’s great to realize how big yr world is, when you’re not just focused on one person. It’s awesome rediscovering all the great people already (and still) in your life!

  • Margie Lalala

    Well seeing as I’ve never been through one,I’m not totally sure. But I would say first and foremost cry! Of course you’re going to be sad so get it out of your system but just don’t wallow in it. Find new fun things to do that is social and keeps you busy. Take the time you now have to just think about you and realize it wasn’t meant to be and that’s okay. Enjoy being free and single and don’t see it as a life sentence but as an opportunity of grow. And don’t forget to surround yourself with those who love you like family, friends, and pets.

  • Nicole Bavoso

    Take the high road.. You know and they know, you’ve been hurt, but you’re not going to let them bring you down any longer. Relationship is over, it was fun while it lasted right? Keep that shoe box of memories marked “ex #2″ and go find someone hotter and funnier :) Ya know, after the pint of ice cream and the box of kleenex!

  • Shirley Mak

    Eating ice cream, deleting my ex as a friend on facebook, on my contact list, etc. Out of sight, out of mind! Thank you so much for this giveaway! I’ve been DYING to get this boook!

  • Lindsey Hornbaker

    Cookie dough, pajamas, and wine!

  • KateLynn Marie

    I start by putting away anything that reminds me of my ex, I bury it in the back of my closet where I can’t get to it. Then I grieve. I cry, get upset but I try to give myself a time limit on how long I can be upset so that I just don’t wallow for a long time, which I’ve done before. After that time has passed, I usually get a hair cut and do some retail therapy to make myself feel a little better. The last thing that I do, is go back into my closet and find the box that I hid and then go through and get rid of the things that need to be gotten rid of. If I can bring myself to do this, then I know I am on the path to healing.

  • Laura E

    I write my thoughts and feelings out, anything that comes to my mind, they usually tend to be dark but it helps.

  • Joy Zheng

    I am still trying to figure it out…

  • Trixie Raymond

    I like to spend a little time by myself. I pack a lunch and grab my bike and ride around town until I find a park where I can just unwind and have lunch.

  • Tiffany Robinson

    I would say give your self a day to cry vent and whatever. Then the next day hang out with your friends and do something fun to remind yourself that life does go on.

  • Kat Vela

    Quality times with friends and PETS! To get over sadness a cute animal never hurt any. :)

  • Zoe Liew

    How do I get over a breakup? I sort of force myself to think about the relationship and why it didn’t work out. Most of the time, I’ll come to the conclusion that things were too different. If our goals were way too different, if we wanted completely different things in our relationship.. Sometimes, it hurts more because I liked him way more than he liked me. Sometimes, it hurts less because I was on the receiving end of those feelings. Shopping and watching movies and ice-cream…It’s all temporary therapy. It relieves the ache for a little while and then I remember, then it all starts to tear me apart again. So, I’ve learned to condition myself. To think about the good and bad parts about the relationship, and hopefully I’ll be able to understand why it didn’t work out between us.

  • Lara Paquette

    To get over a bad break up I became a total cliche. All of a sudden, I was eating Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food (ice cream, not fro y0) directly from the container, watching You’ve Got Mail on a constant loop while consuming bottles of wine alone, and being dragged to my favorite singles bars with friends. I found that making out with a random stranger in a dark corner after one too many vodka cranberries was a great way to forget about what’s-his-name.

  • Patricia Bai

    HelloGiggles Spotify playlists and lots of ice cream while belting out adele

  • Krystafre Arielle Storme Kyle

    I always like to get a haircut (something drastic) and then take a trip. I love to get in my car and drive for miles, not caring where I end up as long as it’s not with him. ;)

  • Kate Plummer

    Mope for a day, watch all the seasons of Arrested Development and then ignore all and any contact with them.

  • Soumi Roy

    Getting over a bad breakup? I had one and i tried my best to forget that guy. trust me its not so easy. I burned every thing and every memory of him and flashed him out of my him. I started to engage myself in other creative activities, started spending time with friends and families. I took a holiday with my close friends and kept me busy that my ex was automatically flashed out of my mind

  • Meg White

    Friends to keep me occupied, beaches to walk, books to read, chocolate & beer :)

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