Getting ‘Over You' Can Be Hard, But We're Giving Away Books to Soften the Blow!

Okay, don’t lie – you loved The Nanny Diaries as much as I did, didn’t you? Who wouldn’t? It’s amazing. Luckily, now Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus are back with a new book that proves to be just as fun and a total page-turner, to boot. It’s called Over You, and we’re giving you, dear HelloGiggles readers, a chance to win a copy!

From the publisher:

After the grand explosion of her relationship, 17-year-old Max Scott developed what every girl in the history of the world has been waiting for: a way to get over being dumped. Now, Max is the go-to guru for heartbroken high-school girls all over NYC. But when her ex unexpectedly shows up in her neighborhood, Max’s carefully controlled world starts to unravel. With her clients’ hearts hanging in the balance, Max will have to do the seemingly impossible…Get Over Him once and for all.

Sound like something that’s up your alley? We’re giving copies of Over You to five lucky readers, and all you have to do to enter is leave a comment below telling us your go-to way for getting over a bad breakup. If you’re chosen, we’ll zip a book your way to enjoy during the last days of summer.

Good luck, everyone!

You can see more from Emma and Nicole – and more about Over You – over at their official website.

  • Anne Cuddy

    Take all that “together” time and throw it into a new class or activity!
    There are always free community cooking classes, or groupons for yoga classes, and what about a new sport like ultimate frisbee? I’ve also been fiddling with the notion of taking the GRE and going to grad school.

    Save your money and take a grown-up trip!
    I’ve been planning a trip to visit my old girlfriend from college in Seoul, South Korea this winter.

    Reinvent yourself- clean out your closet and give away old clothes, read a new book, find new art/decor, repaint old furniture… Or just reread and rewatch favorite movies! I’ve really been enjoying having romcom movie marathons with ice cream and a cuddly blanket.

  • Michelle LaRowe Conover

    Block all potential interactions…don’t put yourself in a position to engage. Look to your friends for support and take some time to rediscover yourself and to learn from the experience.

  • Rosary Goodrum

    I do something I’ve been wanting to do for a while that’s 100% me!

    Whether it’s taking dance lessons, going to concerts that I may have normally skipped, or making new life changes just because I can!

    After my last break up, I realized nothing was tying my to Texas so I took the LSAT and moved to NY for law school! What did I have to lose??

  • Amy Lazarus Bromberg

    Love all of Emma and Nicola’s books and this trailer shows women power! My go to way is diving into some ice cream (you know this has to be included) with my close girlfriends who are always there for me, go out try to enjoy a comedy movie, try my best to go out and enjoy some fresh air, and know it will pass as it’s done in the past for me.

  • China Marie Aquino

    Understand that for some reason it wasn’t meant to be. Once you understand that, you can start to detach yourself from everything about your past relationship that keeps haunting you.

  • Alysun Rhodell

    Watch a bad movie with your best friend eating cookies and drinking wine! Watch marathons of bad tv shows. Go shopping and buy that one things you’ve had your eye on for a while. Go out with friends and flirt with cute boys.

  • Amelia Deschamps

    I haven’t had a bad breakup, but I may need some help in the near future:(

  • Angel May Francis

    Get a killer haircut, buy a slammin’ new outfit, and take yourself out on a date! Who needs him/her?!

  • Juliana Meneguetti

    Going through one right now :-( I’m still on that “crying every day” stage but hopefully it won’t last much longer….then I plan on getting my hair cut and I will enroll to take dance or cooking classes, just to get out and stay busy. Oh yeah, and pray, pray to not get too fat from all the damned chocolate I’ve been eating…. :-( I just want to feel human again!

  • Michelle Jernigan

    I don’t have a solid go to way to get over my ex. I can only suffer & wait for it to pass. As a rule I don’t let myself go on the rebound though. That only ends up in more pain and suffering for all involved. :)

  • Ashley Gallardo

    It’s definitely a process. I usually take a day to cry it all out, give in to some of my favorite vices-ice cream, chocolate, 80’s movies, etc.- and I go to bed knowing that I got most of the emotional dramatics out of the way. I wake up early the next day and do things for myself I wouldn’t normally do. I’ll completely do my hair, make-up, and pick out a fresh outfit. Putting on a mask and costume won’t make you feel better on the inside, but if you look good for you, it will definitely help some. In the past, some of my start-new plans involved working out more, cleaning out my closet and donating what I can to charity, and even changing what I eat. Putting fresh foods into my body felt like a cleanse in itself. I try not to dwell on the hurt of the past. Occasionally, I would break down and cry over it. It’d be okay though, because I know that when I’m done crying I’ll go back to picking myself up. We all may have our “soul-mates” but there can be more than one. The sooner we realize who we are without them is when we get better.

  • Megan Hardison

    After a break up I like to start my mornings with a run on the beach. It clears my head, is relaxing, and makes me feel good about myself. It is a great way to start the day! Also, a girls night is an absolute must. Nothing like girl talk and wine to take your mind off of things!

  • Beth Wilde

    A good friend and a glass (or two) of wine. Chinese food is optional. Sleepless in Seattle isn’t.

  • Phyllis Cammiso

    Drink a glass of chocolate wine and watch a good breakup movie (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, 500 Days of Summer). The next night, put on the “breakup” playlist that my best friend and I put together a few years ago (and update when a song is “that good” that it belongs there), get all dressed up and pretty and remember that you are better then your ex. period.

  • Rachel Watkins

    Right after my first breakup, I immediately felt the need to make a change for the better; both inside and out. I started to work out and eat healthy again, reorganized my room, did a bit of shopping, and of course, got a new hair-do! But the thing that helped me the most was going for long bike rides at the end of each day to clear my head; just listening to music and being alone with my thoughts really helped me feel at peace with myself.

  • Rose Sousa

    The easiest way I have found to get over a breakup is to figure out what I learned from the relationship and/or guy. Once I come up with a good take away I am ready to move forward with that knowledge. Even if it is just opening my eyes to something I previously shunned…like classic rock. Thanks Ross! :)

  • Katie Bennett

    Chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate.

  • Liz Harter

    Rocking out to some “Angry female music” (read: You Oughta Know – Alanis) with a best friend while driving around and eating as much chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream as possible. Eventually, Alanis gets to be too repetitive so you move on to the more introspective songs that are less “you suck” and much more “I’m awesome and you lost out.” At some point Adele will come on the playlist and you’ll shed a few tears. Then you watch a girl-power 90s movie like Clueless or 10 Things I Hate About You. Finally a run or a kick boxing class will let out the rest of your aggression and you realize that you’re better off without that person and it doesn’t matter what he does as long as you are awesome and have great friends and can belt out Adele at the top of your lungs without crying.

  • Sarah Taylor

    I always have a fun adventure with my best girlfriends !

  • Molly Hartge

    I realized that after a long relationship the surest way to get over someone is to meet other people you are attracted to. You don’t necessarily have to date them but it’s just a great reminder that there are other people out there and that you have lots of possibilities open to you now!

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