Get Yo' Nails Did

Get Yo' Nails Did

Hey, True Blood fans. I don’t get you or the hype about vampires and other things that are not real and will never be real (except if it’s a romantic comedy! Love those!) but Blaire, my dear friend and occasional Get Yo’ Nails Did columnist, is obsessed. She’s way into Buffy and Nightmare Before Christmas and True Blood and a bunch of other nerdy stuff (sorry, Blaire) that I just can’t wrap my limited little brain around. I’ve also never seen those shows or that movie, by the way. I should disclose that. Everything I’ve said is based on snap judgments I’ve made because my best friend in fourth grade was into dragons and I thought that was really lame.

ANYWAY! Blaire has figured out a True Blood themed design using all products that you can find pretty much anywhere (no stamps, no decals, no tiny expensive little gems) and in the video above, she’ll show you how to do it. Get your Sookie on, I guess. (Do you like that I know that the girl from Fly Away Home‘s character is named Sookie on the show? I learned that on Twitter.)

  • Kimberly Hawkins

    Not sure about anybody else…but when I click to watch the video it says that it is private and therefore I can not view it. BTW…love Get Yo’ Nails Did, Molls! :-)

  • Taylor Walkup

    Same^ why is it private? i love the Get Yo’ Nails Did articles, always!

  • Kristen Dupré

    Same here

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure they are cute though.

  • Sophia Rossi

    sorry guys! It’s back up

  • Jennifer Weed

    It’s working now :)

  • Judy Conant

    I LOVE this!! My total vampire/wizard/mythological creature nerd totally embraced this article! I will be going to get me some white fingernail polish asap.
    Thanks!! :)))

  • Aoife Munro

    After watching this the other day I decided I simply HAD to try the dripping blood design, I don’t have white polish so I used a nude tone and it looks AWESOME. Definitely in the mood for halloween now 😀

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