Get Yo' Nails DidGet Yo' Nails DidMolly McAleer

I don’t understand people who aren’t into animal prints. Leopard, cheetah, giraffe, I’ve done them all. They make me feel bold as hell and inspire me to channel my inner beast.

This week your current HelloGiggles nails expert, Blaire, has made a speedy little video on how to print snakeskin on your nails with a Konad stamping plate. I also want to add that I think her use of Scotch tape in this particular tutorial is straight inspired and would look fabulous with any number of designs.


  • Simone Campbell Williams

    ummmm, was this video a joke?

  • Debbie Paredes

    I used to have the same problem with my nails, destroyed from too much polish :(. I started taking Biotin, you can find it at any drugstore or Target, and my nails were completely healed and stronger than before in 14 days. Sorry for handing out unsolicited advice but it’s seriously a miracle worker!

  • Holly McDonald

    This is not a good look… and she misspelled KLEANCOLOR, AND her nails are gross.

  • Kali Harkey

    Someone needs to tell her that her nails looking like that isn’t healthy… Maybe a little less nail polish and a lot more vitamin coats… and cleaning…

    • Molly McAleer

      I believe she is painting over acrylics.

  • Crysti Stevenson

    Ok, from what I saw those nails were dirty, yuk!

  • Lisa Manikowski

    although I can’t see it,I do have a konad starter kit and it is AWESOME! but it’s hard to get the hang of doing it yourself at first

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