Get Yo' Nails Did

Get Yo' Nails Did

I did not do my nails this week (my Sally Hansen Salon Effects are still holding up pretty nicely) but that doesn’t mean it was a week free of nailcitement at my house. Nailcitement, you guys. Just made that one up. That’s why I’m a professional writer. Look into being that creative if you can and make sure to tell your moms about me.

As a treat for both my roomie Sara (pictured above) and myself, I picked up this polish station off of I was under the impression that we owned at least ninety-six bottles of polish to fill it, (“We own hundreds of bottles,” I told a co-worker earlier this week, “Hundreds, easily!”) but nevertheless, we’re excited to have room to expand our collection and even more pumped about the way it makes our apartment look. You may think “salon” but we think “high-end pop art.”

  • Caitlin Fitzgibbons

    This is a way to live.

  • Megan Boyd

    love this!!!

  • Mollie Cain

    I need one of these!

  • RoseEllen DeSimone

    oh man this is greatness

  • Mandie Mohrlock

    I reallllly need one of these. I saw a youtube video and some girl had her dad make a fancy wooden one with mirrors and a little drawer at the bottom. But since I’m not her I will just buy this one off Amazon!! Thanks!

  • Lacey Cormier

    I might need to invest in this and stop putting all my precious polishes in shoe boxes. Or you know, do this:

    • molls

      That terrifies me only because I can guess how much that nail polish cost and it’s way too much money to spend on nail polish.

  • Zhenya Demidova

    OMG I am wearing the exact same dress today! TWINS :)))))))

  • Kate Bryant


  • Kimberly ‘Roddy’ Jimenez

    Clever! Daughter and I just dig through a basket that we lug around the house.

  • Mabel Peralta

    i need one badly, my collection is over 95 for sure.

  • Marta Brewer

    Something like that has been on my mind for the last few weeks. That is way better than the plastic basket deal I currently use. I need to get on it. By the way, my Bieber Polish collection outnumbers yours by far. I can blame that on my 8 year old daughter, right? Sure….

  • Brittany Woodell

    Oh god. I can only image how I would obsessively try to organize them… color would be first choice, but oh, the sizes would be a nightmare!

  • Erma Basila

    That is pretty cool!

  • Beth Reuter Tuttle

    Totally support your purchase! I have my own UV light and everything. No salon necessary for this chick either!

  • Valerie De La Rosa

    I need a ticket to the Polish Station. WANT. WANT. WANT.

  • Katie Bone

    Oh man, I need one of these. So very very badly.

  • Valerie De La Rosa

    HelloGiggles Polish Party idea No. 1: bring a bottle of nail polish to trade

  • Valerie De La Rosa

    HelloGiggles Polish Party idea No. 2: Pack the Polish Station – bring guest of honor multiple bottles of polish. To fill her polish station. Obvs. It’s like a “stock the bar” but girly style.

  • Yas Combelas-Cohen

    I totally want one of those :) I need to buy more polish though. Wanted to try one of those newspaper nail print thingers… just need some alcohol for it 😉

  • Allie Moloney

    I have to admit I almost drooled a little when I saw those pics on your tumblr…I’m coming over

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