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There are two nail looks that people have been asking me about for ages: That nail polish that crackles when laid atop your favorite color (see: The Katy Perry for O.P.I. collection) and Sally Hansen Salon FX Strips.

I have tried the Sally Hansen jawns a few times now with varying results. The first time I did them they lasted for two weeks. The second time they chipped the second day I had them on, but I decided to try it a third time because I finally found the design of my dreams at Target: Houndstooth.

Little known Molls Fact: I was a HUGE Gwen Stefani fan for years. I mean, I still am, but in college my screenname was GwenStefwannabeX. That should tell you something, and if that doesn’t tell you something, then maybe consider the fact that I’ve seen No Doubt live five times.

Whenever I see houndstooth, my immediate reaction is “GWEN!” and I’ve been seeking these particular Sally Hansen joints ever since I found out they made them.

I have to admit that I was tempted to show off these Nail Couture self-adhesive nail stickers before I committed to the houndstooth, but I realized that these are something that will be a little bit more difficult to find than the Sally Hansen brand, which I’ve found at both Rite-Aid and Target. Expect me to show these off in the future, though.

The first thing I did was remove my old nail polish before taking a moment to scratch Wagandstuff’s head before I chopped all my nails off. They were long and looking okay, but they were feeling slightly frail and I felt like houndstooth would look best on a shorter nail. Remember your animals and loved ones that need to be scratched, my friends.

I chopped my nails off, and this is what they looked like before I filed them. I went short, short, short and then I cleaned the bejesus out of them.

For a little less than ten bucks, the kit comes with everything you need. You get an orange stick for pushing back your cuticles, and a file that preps your nails and will later help you remove the excess nail sticker.

I have magical girlfriends who’ve told me that they can use these two packages that come in a single box as two separate manicures, but I have yet to figure out how to do this. I use one on each hand and then have a couple left over from each box that don’t fit on any of my nails.

Once you’ve filed your nails to the shape of your liking and then buffed them with the grey side of the nail file that comes in the package, you swab your fingers down with nail polish remover one more time and then start to stickin’.

This is what it looks like once you’ve checked to make sure that the sticker is the size of your nail, applied it and are waiting to scrape off the excess. Yes, you totally just scrape off all the extra using downward motions and the orange part of the nail file they gave you in the box.

This is what your first nail should look like when it’s done. Pretty cute, huh? You kinda want to keep going, huh?

And this is the finished product. I think it’s pretty cute. Ignore my left pinky, that one just has a little bit of extra sticker on it and will be fixed, but overall? TIGHT, MOLLS. TIGHT NAIL GAME.

This option is definitely better than having to hand paint houndstooth and it’s sure to be a hit at my next social gathering (aka, when we all meet around someone’s desk at the office to talk about what happened on So You Think You Can Dance the night before.) I’m thinking these ones might be my favorite and most long-lasting attempt at the Sally Hansen faux-Minx look so far and that probably has something to do with the fact that I read the directions. And now you’re reading my directions, you know? Damn, Molls… why you gotta be so accessible!?

Be sure to note that while these may peel off eventually, they’ll also come off with a liberal amount of nail polish remover on a cotton ball and some elbow grease.

What’s your experience with Sally Hansen Salon FX? Do you have a favorite design or a better solution? Hit me up in the comments or at and let me know what you’ve tried and if you have any fancy tricks that may make this process even easier.

  • Kelley Leagan

    I too bought the houndstooth because it’s my favorite design and makes me think of Gwen. Love them! I figured with the few strays that are left over you can always use them on one nail as an accent.

  • Kate Shinnick


  • Kristy Morrison

    Crazy I just happened upon these things this weekend myself after seeing the zebra pattern on a friend’s nails. So I wanted to do them with my daughter the next day and got solid hot pink and the springy cute flower pattern. I’m surprised I didn’t think of conserving them though, that’s a great idea! I like to do my nails with one finger on each hand a different color…so I did the ring finger on left hand in hot pink and the rest flowers, index finger on right hand in hot pink, etc. The flowers are so cute but when I got them on they reminded me of Easter candy and bunnies lol. Think I’ll try the zebra or houndstooth next.

  • Bonnie Jane

    My friend a way that you can get the nail styles from Sally Hanson for $6!

  • Mango Iolas

    Love these. The glitter colors are my favorite.

    Ladies, save your leftover strips! You can slice them up, and use them to patch chips and scuffs.

    Using the smooth side of the file, you can press the patches down firmly, smoothing out the seam, and slightly stretching it across the nail. It’ll bond with the existing strip, and in most cases, you can’t even tell that there is a patch.

    Just remember to work quickly, as soon as you remove the strip from the film, it starts to cure and harden up.

    I have even chopped up several different colors and done patchwork nails before!

  • Mandy Keener

    sweet. i have been stalking these at the target…now it’s time to get stickin’

  • Liliana Greenberg

    i put salon effects and remover pads in my bag when i travel. that way, if my mani gets jacked up while i’m on vaycay, i can fix it in 20mins and keep on partying!

  • Laura Enns

    I used that one last week! It was my favourite and will definitely be happening again and again and again! They lasted a week before there was another episode of True Blood and, as is tradition, my bestie and I watched it, drank a lot and re-did our nails. I got a LOT of compliments on them. Sometimes I told the truth, but mostly, I just said I did it with a REALLY LITTLE BRUSH and a steady hand.

  • Roxanne Portugal

    Love them!!!!!! & Ita that they look best w/short nails!!!!

  • Beth Curry

    I’ve never seen these, but they look a lot easier to use than a Konad plate. Maybe I’ll go look for some!

  • Sarah Eaton

    I have tried oh just about every pattern out there and even ALMOST bought the limited edition patterns on Amazon because they were so cute but then realized my teacher’s salary just doesn’t justify $20 nail stickers lol.

    I always put a top coat on after and have found that really helps – I love how long they last! I’m a teacher and all the chalk dust, hand-washing and computer time at work makes my nail polish chip so quickly. These def hold up against the abuse I put them through!

    • Rose Browne

      Top coat? Does it really help? I’m a waitress and my nails are wrecked after a long weekend at work, and I didn’t want to believe that these would really last for a week. But if they last through your work routine… maybe I’ll invest and try it for myself!

  • Erin Bruner

    i wore the black lace ones to a military ball. so cute and lasted about a week. i got 2 manicures out of the one box too.

  • Amanda Yohe

    I have tried these 3 times: houndstooth, gold glitter, butterflies. The first two lasted 2 weeks, but the last time I used them they didn’t even make it 5 days. However…
    They are AMAZING.
    Houndstooth is by far my favorite.

  • Rachel K. Sparkman

    I use the floral ones all the time! I buy every box when I find them because they tend to be hard to find where I live. I’m going to try the conservation trick next time; using the same sticker twice is brilliant!

  • Caity Johnson

    I did the lace pattern when these first came out and loved it! Got comments on them everywhere that I went too. They lasted way longer than a regular manicure does for me. I have the glitter ones at home but am a little afraid to try them because glitter is always such a pain to get off…

    • Molly McAleer

      My poor maicurist, but every time I do glitter? That’s when I decide to get a professional manicure. Doesn’t cost any more to have them remove the annoying polish and it saves me like, thirty minute of digging into my nails over and over again with a cotton ball.

  • Allison Roberts

    Thank you for posting this! I asked about your nail look several days ago in a tumblr reply. This is excellent. I’m definitely going to try out some stuff from Ms. Sally now!

  • Allie Moloney

    I’m a big fan of the glitter design I recently did, mostly because I’m completely inept at painting my own nails. So, Sally Hansen has saved me and now I’m going to try out the solid blue set I have today.

  • Marissa A. Ross

    LOOKIN’ SHARP, per usual.

  • Alyssa Bell

    I love the flower design! It’s super busy and fun. I actually use Nubar Foundation Coat as a base. It is a little more difficult to apply because the nail becomes tacky with this base coat on, but you’ll get better with practice :) And add a top coat. The base and top coat will make the stickers last longer!
    I can’t seem to get 2 manicures out of one box but I bet I could put the leftovers on my dog…

  • Jill Mader

    I used the Sally Hansen glitter nails recently, and LOVED them. They lasted a week for me, which is way longer than regular nail polish usually lasts. It was a bitch to remove it though. I’m definitely going to look for the houndstooth pattern as a fellow Gwen Stefani crazy fan. (I dressed up as her for Halloween once, it was epic.)

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