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Blaire Bercy is one of my closest friends and the inspiration for pretty much anything cool I’ve done in the last four years. I mean, she told me about Nicki Minaj back in 2008 and has permanent false eyelashes. Don’t even try and tell me that she’s not the coolest chick ever.

Last week she told me she’s been really into using nail plates aka Konad plates aka some truly fly and easy nail art. I asked her to make this video to show you all how to do this at home.

As always, don’t be shocked if your first try at this isn’t perfect. Blaire’s been doing this for a couple weeks now and is naturally good at anything hip. I would guess that it would take me months to master this skill.

Have you ever used nail plates and if so, where did you get them and what kind of designs did you try? I’m interested in picking up a plate with that zipper effect (how cool would that look on a tone tone nail?) and the polka dots, because you have to be on on some next level David Blane of nail art ish if you want to do that freehand.

  • Mandie Mohrlock

    Oh my god, its like miniature nail screen printing! I had no idea this exsisted and I am preeeeetty excited about it right now. Thanks!!

  • Laura Mayaneli Brown

    Oh my. This is too simple I don’t know if I can handle it

  • Estefanía Figueroa Keim

    it’s so pretty!!!!

  • Marissa A. Ross

    Blaire is one of the baddest bitches alive. Love her & her nails (which ALWAYS look bomb).

  • Kara Tumminello

    I’m all about Konad plates. I bought the bundle monster off Amazon ( — i personally have the first kit). Each plate has 6-8 different stamps on it. Unfortunately, most of the super fresh plates aren’t part of the bundle monster (if you search on tumblr for konad plate nails, they’re either m# or bm#, and ones I lust over a lot are the normal plates. They’re like $6-7 each that way, and this sister doesn’t have that kind of money at this point in her life.

    They’re a little tricky to use at first, but if you work quickly, on a flat surface, and with clean tools, it gets way easier. It takes a little playing around with your own polishes to see what has the best consistency & pigmentation for layering (most non Konad nail polishes -even salon brand like OPI & CG- aren’t thick enough to do a light color stamp over a dark color base, but sometime one works). So worth the investment though!

    I’ve been doin’ freehand work lately, but this is probably my favorite stamp/color combo I did a while back:

    • Kara Tumminello

      I just really have a lot of feelings on nails.

  • Maricruz Valtierra

    this amazing for people who want to do there own nails at home and not at a salon i <3 this!

  • Lacey Cormier

    I bought the bundle of Konad stamps from Amazon a while back.

    I’m really, really bad at doing the stamping though.

  • Kate Bryant

    I use a credit card instead of the actual scrapey thing Konad sells – I’ve heard Konad’s can scratch the plate and mess up the design.

    Also, Molly have you tried buying a dotting tool for polka dots? It makes it super easy- I picked one up at Ulta for like $5.

  • Mhairi McCrindle

    Disturbingly my mind decided that a hand was reaching out the screen to grab me when I first glanced at this post…I feel this should worry me. Anyway, I might give this a try. Seems really easy and looks good too.

  • Beth Curry

    I bought a konad plate with a leopard-y and tiger print pattern on it. I’ve yet to fully master the konad plate transfer skill, but one day my nails will be awesome.

  • Tori Carlton

    I am a licensed nail tech. I ordered mine off of Amazon here: they are Bundle Monster. They came with a million awesome designs. I used the KONAD nail polish (only one that really works amazing), and the KONAD stamper (pink), and then an old gift card as a scraper. I love it! I also use Acetone to clean my plates. Works wonders.

  • Michelle Gilbert

    This is really popular in Hawaii & that’s where I first found these back in 08 or 09. They’re pretty cheap at the international market out there have them & asian markets too. Its not always the easiest to use but lots of fun to try. It takes some time to get the hang of picking up the image and transferring it perfectly to your nails but don’t give up it gets easier.

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