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Okay, so we’re only three weeks in to this whole thing and I’m already showing you a tame look after I totally promised some of you that I’d do a newsprint nail tutorial this week. Newsprint we can do next week, but for right now I wanted/needed a manicure by a professional.

As I told you in the first “Get Yo’ Nails Did”, it’s important to include real manicures in your nail routine if you’re not comfortable cutting your cuticles and getting into the real work at home. I am not.

I’m willing to shell out $20 bucks to have the dirty work done right, but I’m not going to splurge on nail art at the salon most of the time. As you can see from the photo above, I prefer to do a basic manicure but make it a little different by switching up the colors on my index and middle fingers. This is my “understated yet classy” look and while it still may be a bit much for some of you, you can choose colors that don’t contrast so much. The first time you ask for this, your manicurist might look at you like you’re a little crazy, but tell her to trust you because you’re a local trendsetter.

That’s another thing: Remember that, while you should always be extremely polite to your manicurist, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for exactly what you want and to tell him/her if it’s not done correctly. By the time you’re done paying for a manicure, it can cost anywhere from $20-45 dollars, so there’s no reason why you should walk out of there unhappy.

For your own mental health, try to avoid those nail salons that feel more like cattle farms. It may seem less expensive to go to a place with a long line and a quick turnaround, but those manicures are always rushed and fall apart quickly. Most of the places I hit up have a small line on the weekends, but that’s mainly because they’ll spend 45 minutes on a client’s hands and feet. Of course that is a significant portion of your valuable time, but if nails are your thing, whatever.

The last thing I’m afraid of (beside death) is a little bit of contrast. My polish colors this week were “A True Ab-Original” by OPI and “Hot Coco” by Essie. The fact that Essie left the “a” off of “cocoa” leads me to believe that this hue was made for Ice-T’s wife, which is an idea that I’ll celebrate. She’s awesome and their love is real.

Keep sending me your favorite designs and your interpretations of what I do here:

  • Ashley Lynn Cook

    love the colors :-) and dayeanne, that is HILARIOUS! XD

  • Jennifer E. Stewart

    I love this! I haven’t gotten on the professional manicur bus just yet, so this is extra awesome since it doesn’t require much talent/ skill. Thanks for the post! And thanks for this website because it’s AWESOME. :)

  • Lacey Cormier
  • Dayeanne Terese Hutton
  • Dayeanne Terese Hutton

    I’m diggin’ the choice of which nails have a different color for the “classy” purpose of flippin the bird european style.

  • Ramou Sarr

    I love the “understated yet classy” look and while I appreciate the contrast of the index and middle smoker’s fingers, I’m not a smoker and feel like I’m appropriating if I do it myself. For a minute I was sporting different colors on my ring and middle fingers until someone politely informed me that those were “pussy fingers.” So now I enjoy the subtle contrast of a ring finger disco nail, often in glitter. It works for me.

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