Get Yo' Nails Did

Get Yo' Nails Did

There’s really only one thing that Kat Dennings and I ever talk about on the 2 Broke Girls set and it’s nails. I guess there have been other things, but the main thing is nails.

Y’all know I love to switch my look up, but when Kat’s playing Max she always wears the same polish and you’re looking at it in the photo above. Good ol’ nintey-nine cent Wet n’ Wild in “Teal or No Teal”. Just when you thought she couldn’t be a more down chick, you find out that she regularly rocks polish that costs less than a dollar.

Here’s the thing though: It doesn’t look cheap. In fact, my good friend and fellow nail queen, Blaire, texted me after watching last week’s episode and said, “Kat’s nails look dope! Does she wear Minx?!” and I was like, “No, girl. It’s– wait for it– Wet n’ Wild. I bought it when she told me about it. It looks so good, right?”

I think we’ve learned a few things here today:

  1. You don’t need to spend much money to have a tight nails that other people will notice.
  2. Wet n’ Wild isn’t just for broke girls, it’s also for financially stable girls who play broke girls on TV.
  3. Kat Dennings is the coolest.

And P.S. Watch 2 Broke Girls, Monday nights at 8:30/7:30 central on CBS!

photos via and my phone.

  • Carrie Murphy

    dude, you should check out she lives in LA!

  • Cherry Darling

    I want it! do you know if they sell it in Spain?
    I usually wear my nails yellow; it’s aaaawesome!

  • Wini Lo

    loooooooooove. 2 broke girls is amazing, molls is amazing, kat is amazing. woohoo, can you say amazing?

  • April ‘Mirabile’ Wade

    Careful guys! That color is gorgeous but it stains your nails something fierce! I learned the hard way…of course you can just wear some dark shades to cover up the stains wile they grow out 😉

    • Susan Quintana

      Try wearing a protective base coat if you can. No staining there.. 😀

  • Laura Mendez

    get yo’ nails did is possibly the best thing on hellogiggles. 2 broke girls is possibly the best show this fall. go figure :)
    and that nailpolish is awessssoooomeee :)

  • Madison McKee

    I get that stuff for like 99cent. LOL

  • Katherine Renee Behring

    Just bought Teal of Fortune from same series after I saw this post… and I love it! Of course since I bought it in NYC it’s double the price, $1.99 – but still such a deal and it goes on great!

    • Whitney Ratliff

      I bought “teal of fortune” too, but before I read this little article… W’n’W has a fun selection of cheap colors and I don’t feel guilty if I change my polish after a day or two unlike pricey brands.

  • Elizabeth Nunn

    One of my favorite brands! I almost bought this color the other week but got Grey’s Anatomy instead.. one of the coolest nail colors I’ve had in a long time!

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