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Water Marbling 

In the next few weeks I will have multiple holiday family gatherings and holiday parties, which is why I chose to marble. For me, it’s the right amount of non traditional holiday cheer mixed with self expression and sparkle. ☺

This is only my 3rd attempt at marbling so I am not a professional, but I have learned a few things.

  • Not all polish will “ring”. Different polishes have different formulas. Try another brand, color, formula. Thin polish works best. So all of those colors that require 3 coats to fully cover your nail and take forever to dry will be great for this.
  • This takes a little practice. To achieve the perfect ring, you might need to try dropping the polish in at different heights or if the temperature inside your room is warmer or colder you will need to adjust the temp of the water accordingly.
  • Work quickly. As soon as the polish touches the water it begins to dry so keep that in mind and hurry.
  • If the polish is not spreading out or sinking to the bottom, try changing the temperature of the water. If that does not work add a little bit of nail polish remover to the water.
  • Marble in something clean and disposable. The polish will collect around the edges and some might drop to the bottom so use something you will not mind throwing out. To-go cups or plastic cups and bowls are great.

It does require a lot of polish but it is worth it for special occasions. I really hope you like the tutorial and try water marbling.

❄Happy Christmakwanzakah!❄


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