Get Up, Stand Up!

You guys, I’m really confused. It seems like every time there’s any kind of open political conversation anywhere, the only people who say anything are the crazies. Town hall meetings, blogs, comments on blogs… A couple of weeks ago we did this thing where we asked our readers for questions to give the White House, right after the president announced the Jobs Act.

You guys. Where were your questions? It made me so sad. We have another election in a year and no one my age is talking about it. So I thought about it and came up with the following two brilliant observations, because I’m a mind genius and have brilliant observations (clearly):

Observation #1: People comment and talk about politics when they have a lot of feelings about it. Usually anger. Happy people don’t rant.

Observation #2: Politics is a complex and intimidating subject and a lot of people don’t want to say anything because they’re afraid to be wrong.

So first of all, about the ranting: it’s okay, you can rant. In fact, if you’re not so angry that you can’t see straight, I’d much rather you share your thoughts at length. I can’t deal with crazy people saying crazy things loudly, I don’t have the energy. And the louder we let them shout without responding, the more of a voice they have and then we end up with all sorts of problems. I don’t know about you, but problems are not my beverage of choice.

Second of all, it’s politics – you can’t be wrong. All you can be is quiet and if this is a democracy, then being quiet is wrong. Everyone has an opinion, and chances are they differ from yours. Which is completely okay (except for the aforementioned crazies – I can’t stress this enough, I can’t deal with them). It’s really not as complex as it looks. There are two parties, they have different beliefs on how involved the government should be in the average citizens’ lives and each one has all sorts of personal drama going on, too. Washington is the craziest soap opera ever. But ultimately, if you believe something, voice it. And if you’re confused about something, voice that, too! You’re not the only one and everyone else who’s confused will be glad that someone had the sense to say something about it.

The great thing about something like asking the White House questions isn’t just that you can interact with them. You’re also giving them feedback on what they’re doing and what you think of it. By asking a question, you’re pointing them towards an issue they need to be aware of. You are an individual, but you also represent a chunk of the population. It’s statistics and it works in your favor, because it gives you even more of a voice when you’re the one to speak up.

So tell me guys, honestly: what inspires you to get involved in politics? What doesn’t? Why do you answer or not answer when your voice is asked to be heard? We really want you guys to be able to have a voice, let us know how we can inspire you!!

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