Get thee to a bookstore before it's too late!

I woke up this morning with blankets wrapped around me. This wouldn’t be noteworthy except that yesterday, I woke up pushing the single sheet off my legs because it was just too hot in my apartment. 24 hours later and I’ve broken out the quilt.

I love fall. Do you love fall? That first amazing morning when you walk outside and the tip of your nose freezes just a little bit?

It makes me want to watch You’ve Got Mail in the worst way. I want to buy school supplies and wax philosophically about the smell of freshly sharpened pencils to the conveniently loaded business tycoon I’m blindly falling in love with via the internet.

Oh wait.

I’m not Meg Ryan.


But I do love to buy school supplies. It’s just, I’m not in school anymore. So I do the next best thing.

I pretend.

I go to my local bookstore and raid the summer reading selections because you know they’re still out for the kids who put it off this long because they thought they might get away with not doing the reading if they just ignored the large displays of classic literature every time their parents dragged them through a store.

This is a great place to rediscover old favorites, by the way, and to stumble upon that book your mom or dad has been saying you just have to read for the last decade. (And in the fall, they’re sometimes on sale.)

I love to wander the aisles of my local bookstore. The comforting hush and shuffling of pages as people browse is so very comforting. I can lose myself for hours without a problem to anyone except maybe my wallet.

Last time I ended up there, I walked out with a physical copy of Game of Thrones, (Shut up, don’t judge me for buying a real one even though I have a digital copy. You’re the only one who knows that anyways.) Room by Emma Donohoe and a large coffee.

Did anyone drink coffee before they put the kiosks in every bookstore in America? I didn’t.

Now I’m a Gollum-like creature begging for “my precious” every morning until the need has been satisfied.


Books. Right. So the best thing about fall in my opinion? Is that I feel no guilt hunching my shoulders against a brisk wind, running home and curling up on the couch with my new finds and a cup of coffee or something stronger. It’s like fall was made for readers. The air briskly nips at your heels telling you to rush right home and hunker down with a good story until the sun comes out again.

I hope you’ll venture out at this lovely time of year and haunt a local bookstore. They are so much better than websites anyways. And you can always come back to the internet to tell all your online friends about the purchases you made or the fellow customer who looked so like Bob Saget you almost asked why he wasn’t in San Francisco.

The internet will always be here for you. Your bookstores might not.

By the way, go pick up Room. Because… OMG.

Image credit LilytheStapler Tumblr