Get the Look: Zooey Deschanel at the 2013 Golden Globe Awards

Once again this year, I had an amazing time getting my friend Zooey, ready for the Golden Globe Awards.

I showed up at her house early to set up as Zooey’s friend, and assistant Lexi, put out some sweet treats from Babycakes; and of course some Champers was chilled and ready for a toast once we had finished up the glamor process.

Zooey returned from her riding lesson dressed in some smart equestrian duds. After she was freshly showered, we started the afternoon and got down to work. While Shelley got Zooey’s hair ready to give her the perfect ponytail, I prepped her skin. One of Zooey’s best friends, Sophia, came over to hang out and keep us laughing throughout the process.

To begin, Zooey wanted a Twiggy inspired eye, a great inspiration to have when creating a new look. I love working with her because she is always willing to push the envelope, and makes it look effortless in the end! This year I also had the pleasure of collaborating with the Tarte cosmetic line. They were so wonderful to work with!! So without further ado, here is what I did:



  • To make Zooey’s money makers, AKA her eyes, pop, I started by blending the bronze shadows from Tarte’s beauty & the box Amazonian clay eyeshadow quad in “In the Buff” all over her lids.
  • To create a cat-eye shape, I used Tarte’s liquid liner over her top lash line, with a dip at the outer corner and painted on tiny lashes underneath her bottom lashes.
  • I finished by applying two coats of mascara to add volume and drama to her lashes.


Meow Meow stay pretty!!!

  • Höt Fudge Sundae Bö

    fresh and beautiful. Classic Zooey! but.. what ‘s up with the nails?

  • Lorena Azurmendi

    i love zooey. also I wrote a post about her !

    but, the nails????

  • Vanessa Noe

    What are you guys talking about? Her nails close up were little movie reels in black and white. Super cute!! Love you, Zooey :)

    • Jennifer Cox

      I loved her nails! I thought they were so cute!

  • Andrea Guzman

    She looked absolutely gorgeous, as always! And yes her nails were little movie reels and I just loved it! She’s one of my favorite actresses! :)

  • Robert Remillard

    The Golden Globes or any other red carpet type event without any makeup allowed would be revealing. There would be “Pretty Faces” outed ubiquitously. Z’s incredible appearance is natural and she’d be one of the few examples remaining of unadulterated beauty.

  • Hans Johan Svensson

    Beutyfull as allways.

  • Ciara Gore

    She looks wonderful! As did her sister Emily. :)

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