Get The Look: Rooney Mara

Okay, so yes, Rooney Mara had my favorite Oscar Red Carpet look of the night!

Basically it’s a great lesson for a fan who’s curious about how to achieve a stunning makeup look that is not only beautiful, but natural and dark enough to not get washed out while out on the red carpet – facing both the day light and flashbulbs, and then into the rest of the evening on an HD camera! That’s a lot of elements to have thrown at you!

Skin prep is the key!

Start with a moisturizer all over the face before you begin your makeup. Let the moisturizer stand for at least ten minutes. Then apply primer and let it stand for ten minutes as well before applying any foundation. I like to add the foundation last.

Start with the eyes first!

1) Begin with a little Rimmel Fix and Perfect Pro Primer on your eyelids. No need to continue with the ten minute rule on the lids since you are only used a tiny amount.

2) Rimmel’s Glam Eyes HD Quad eyeshadow #007 in Heart of Gold. Apply the highlight (#2 ) color on the lid with either the sponge brush or a soft shadow brush.

3) Next add Rimmel’s Glam’eyes liquid liner in black— Apply a THIN line on the upper lash line only from the outer corner to the middle, and apply an even thinner line on the button lash line stopping about three quarters in.

4) Now apply the darkest color (#4) of your glam eye palette over the liner and outer crease of the eye. Use the tip of the sponge brush to soften the liquid liner by fanning it up and away from the lash line, and then clean up under the eyes with a little lotion.

5) Apply your Rimmel Scandal Eyes mascara and some lashes!

6) 1/2 apply a highlighter concealer under the eyes. You can do it before you apply the mascara or after. I usually do it before and after for extra coverage.

7) Apply foundation. I like Rimmel’s Lasting Finish foundation. You can use a slightly damp makeup sponge,fanning the foundation out to the edge of your face, and/or even your neck and chest depending on how far down the neck line is on your dress.

8 ) Dust a little powder all over! I like Rimmel’s Stay Matte pressed powder.

9) Contour a little bronzer under your jawline and just beneath your cheek bones to the edge of your hair line.

10) Apply blush on your cheek bones, I like Rimmel’s Lasting Finish in Pink Rose #003

11) Line your lips with a lip liner, I like Rimmel’s Exaggerate lip liner in #024 Red Diva and Lasting Finish Lipstick in #180, Jetset Red.

12) Time for the Audrey Hepburn brow! Try Rimmel’s brow pencil. If you can match your color spot-on, great, but if not I like to go slightly lighter. You can exaggerate the thickness by going slightly out of you brow line on the top and bottom of your brows, but not too much. The key to the Hepburn brow is too bring it out a bit further on the ends in a straight line. NOT downward.

13) Make sure everything is blended and soft!

You look like a million bucks!

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