Get The Look: Jess, ‘New Girl'!

I am having such a great time working on New Girl with Zooey, Jake, Lamorne and Max. Everyone is so smart and funny, I can’t believe it’s actually my job!

Today I want to talk about creating the look for Jess (Zooey’s character). To create Jess’s look, Zooey and I agreed that we wanted Jess to look soft and fresh with some sexy eyes! Meow, Meow.

(Zooey and I sometimes like to cat talk together)


I wanted to give Jess a natural glow with a bit of a glamorous touch. I start with a natural, sheer looking foundation; as a rule I try to match the natural skin color as closely as possible. When choosing a color for yourself, try a small amount below the inside of your wrist. Strangely, that little area has the color closest to that of your face, given you don’t sun!

If you happen to get it wrong, never fear – nowadays it seems you can return drug store makeup quite easily.

For the eyes:

I use an eye base to keep it in place since we generally work 12 hours or more per day! Then we use Rimmel’s new Glam Eye in HD “Heart of Gold”.

Apply the bronze color across the lid from the lash line to the crease. Fan up a little and use the lighter color on the top brow bone. Not too much, girls!!

Make sure you don’t go all the way up to the brow, unless your looking for a circa 1970 David Bowie look.

Then I use Rimmel’s Glam Eyes liquid liner in black (available in January). I line the top lash line from the outer edge to three quarters in. I build the line up to about two strokes high on the outer edge. You know, cat-like! Meow!

Then I line the bottom from the outer edge only three quarters of the way in, as I did with the top. Following that, I’ll use a soft brown or copper pencil and soften the edge of the line, both top and bottom.

Top it all off with lots of Rimmel’s Day to Night Mascara.

For cheeks:

Rimmel’s Match Perfection Blush (also available in January) or NARS Orgasm! I also love Benefit’s Posey!

For the lips:

I use Rimmel’s Exaggerate lip liner in the color “innocent” topped with Moisture Renew in “peach fusion”. I also love Josie Maran lip stains! so natural!

My favorite thing about this fun character – aside from her being so darn cute – is that Jess’s quirky confidence makes her sexy! Keep reading and stay cute!!! I hope you all enjoy the show!

New Girl premieres on Fox on Tuesday, September 20!



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  • Noémie Faivre

    I love Zooey. She’s always beautiful, just like her sister.

    • Frollein Schultheis

      you are sooo right!

  • Amy Cheong

    what about her perfect hair?

    • Stephanie Smith

      Seriously….we all wanna know the secret to the hair as well.

    • Jorjee Douglass

      Hi Amy
      ! Yes! the hair is pretty amazing!!! Aaron should have his hair post out on HG today!

  • Becca Sands

    I’m loving that everything is available in a basic drugstore! It’s the absolute worst when magazines and shows suggest these insanely expensive makeups that can only be found at Macy’s or specialized beauty stores. Thanks!

    • Jorjee Douglass

      Thanks Becca! I try! :)

  • Stephanie Smith

    Where are those glasses from in the bottom picture?

    • Jorjee Douglass

      I think they are from Her Ray Ban collection!

    • TaNeesha Johnson

      those glasses are wacks from oliver peoples!

  • Gabrielle Rousseau

    I think we are all in love with Zooey’s hair <3

  • Crystal Lynn Cox

    Agree! I want to know the secrets of the THE HAIR! :)

  • Frollein Schultheis

    yes! the hair! HOW?!?!?

    and i really love the heart of gold eyeshadow (i always take bronze, brown and alle the autumncolors) , my eyes are blue like zooeys, so it’s gonna work fine :)

  • Mary Catharine Javed

    What colour in the Rimmel’s Match Perfection Blush? :)
    I always lOVE how she looks! Thanks for the makeup info! xx

  • Stephanie Smith

    How long do those lip stains last? I’m seriously considering getting some because lipstick looks too “made up” for my liking.

    • Jorjee Douglass

      Hi Stepanie,
      Lip stains DO last longer but some of them are short lived and dry out after a few use’s
      I really love Josie Maran’s lip stains!
      they are all natural and they last!

  • Morgan Forrest

    I completely agree on wanting to know some hair secrets, especially on New Girl. Zooey’s hair looks amazing!

    Also, are the Rimmel lip liner and moisture renew colors not available until January als0? I’ve looked for those shades, but can’t seem to find them or any information on their existence, hah.

    • Mary Catharine Javed

      I asked Jorjee that question! Yes, they are new colours and won’t be launched until January! I looked online and at stores too :)

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