Get The Look: Jess from ‘New Girl'!

Step 1– Start with clean dry hair. For fine hair, use a root lifter like Oribe Volumista Mist.

Step 2– Separate the hair into 4 sections – sides, hair at the nape of neck and hair at the crown.

Step 3– With a curling iron (a ½ inch or 1 inch barrel works best), take 1 inch sections of hair and wrap down the barrel, curling away from face.  Repeat.

Step 3 1/2– Use a light hair spray like Oribe Superfine Hairspray to set each curl.

Step 4– Finish the look by using a wide tooth bone comb to lightly comb out curls which creates that amazing natural look. For more volume, back comb the section at the crown. For a more polished look, work some Moroccan oil in to the ends.

Step 5– One final spray all over and you are READY TO GO!

BONUS TIP: If you don’t have a curling iron, the same look can be created with a set of steam rollers!

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  • Maxine Davies

    Definitely going to try this! As soon as I saw this picture I had major hair envy! x

  • Amy Martinez

    now all I need is to grow out my hair as long as hers :)

  • Lauren M. Blanchard

    Thank you!!

    • Aaron Light

      Anytime…. More to come soon!!!

  • Heidi Beagley

    I had to go get bangs because of her. They were just too damn cute.

  • Nicole Ramos Nesson

    this is my day-to-day look; yay!

  • Kathleen Quinlan

    even with hairspray, my hair doesn’t always hold the curl. it straightens out as the day goes on even though i have wavy/curly hair. Is it best to do this after I straighten my hair with a blow dryer or let it dry naturally? I WANT ADORABLE HAIR, PLEASE HELP ME!! :)

    • Sarah Newman

      I used to have that problem too and sounds like we have similar hair. I find that if I blast my hair dry or let it dry naturally, then the curl stays in better than if I’ve tried to dry it straight beforehand. Also, if I use a little bit of hairspray on each section before AND after curling, then it usually lasts all day.

      I usually get better results by curling with my straightening irons than curling irons, but it might be that mine aren’t so great.

    • Chanel Chakko

      I had the same issue too, and am naturally curly. For me, the trick is dirty hair. I let it dry naturally (with a little mousse) and then the next day I use the curling iron and Paul Mitchell Sculpting Spray, and it holds REALLY well. Sometimes being a dirty girl does payoff 😉

    • Tina Diaz

      hello :-) i personally find my hair wont curl as well if i straighten it first. i say let it air dry and clip the curls to your head and let them cool that way. unclip and spray the crap outta them with hairspray( i love using dove hairspray cuz my hair doesnt get crunchy) then you can shake out the curls a bit to loosen them. and if ud like add some more hairspray :-) hope that helps you.

    • Emily Taylor Rice

      i have naturally very straight hair that *sort of* looks wavy when it dries naturally because of the way may layers are cut. i have always been a huge fan of curling my hair ever since i was little, but it always fell flat and looked super fake. i discovered recently the difference between curling with a curling iron and curling using a flat iron – the flat iron curls tend to look more natural, because they don’t hold the cylindrical shape of the barrel like curling iron curls do (which is really a tell-tale sign that the curls are fake.) they also hold wayyyy longer – they may begin to fall flat, but are easily revived with some scrunching and/or hair shaking/flipping/head seizing movements. hair curled with a flat iron will last a couple of days. you should try this method! youtube has about 50 million video tutorials on the subject.

  • Alyse Whitney

    Does she wear Oliver Peoples frames? They were similar to the Abrams, but the ‘arms’ were thinner.

    • Aaron Light

      Hi Alyse…. they are Oliver Peoples frames!

  • Frollein Schultheis

    i’ve had a haircut today and my hair looks almost like zooeys! but i need a curling iron! my curls are not enough!

  • Lily Casas

    I’ve had bangs since 2006 and I can’t seem to get them to look just like Zooey’s! How about an article on how to get those exact bangs please! :) thank you!

    • Amy Cheong

      I agree! my bangs always look goofy even when I try to blow try it.

    • Tiffany Hopper

      thank you for this Aaron!!! Yes please we need “BANG Tips” too :)

  • Aaron Light

    Hello everyone! It seem like everyone is having some problems with there bangs. I will do a step by step bang blog soon… but for now try blowing them out with a fine tooth comb straight down. Sometimes that helps. If you want them to be flat with no bump.

  • Mary Ask

    I love that hair style, I’ll try it with my Karmin Salon Pro clipless curling iron, it works pretty good and makes really beautiful curls, I bought it at safrons.

  • Stephanie Smith

    I hate to sound like a broken record, but, bangs post please.

  • Ashley Coulson

    Please post a tutorial or steps on how to get the look of Zooey’s hair and makeup at the wedding scene in New Girl! Her hair looks perfect and curls are flawless. Along with her dark cat eye style makeup, it really makes blue eyes pop. Thanks!

  • Minu Ferdows

    I’m looking to buy some curling irons but I’m not sure which kind is best. Is clipless better? And would those curling wands that get slimmer at the top be better for this style? Thanks!

  • Kayla L. Minto

    I tried this, and it turned out great, even with my uber thick hair!! It looked amazing, turned heads, and was a nice change from my normal straight as a ruler hair. Thanks for the style!! Much love.

  • Kathleen Lievanos

    Aaron I simply wrap my hair around the barrel and not inside right?

  • Katherine Campos

    I attempted to do this and failed. I don’t know what I did wrong. I was using a hair wand rather than a curling iron, would that make a difference?

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