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Get Punky, Without A Razor

I love when girls (and ladies) have one part of their head shaved or cut really short and the other side long to get that funky asymmetrical look. But, because I’m a chicken and fickle, so as a fickle chicken, I don’t have the guts to actually do that! Thus, in the absence of an electric razor and some chutzpah, I came up with this asymmetrical braided hair-do of my own that accomplishes the same type of look, with less chicken tears.

What You’ll Need:

  • Clip-in hair extension in your hair color – one that is longer than your hair length and preferable around 3″ wide. Note: if you have really long hair, you can skip this extension and just use the colored ones! I got my extensions from The Hair Shop here in LA – but you can get them at any wig store, some beauty supply stores or online. Real human hair extensions are always better but you can use synthetic ones too!
  • 3 colored clip-in hair extensions, in the colors of your choosing.
  • A few bobby pins
  • Clear plastic hair band – I get mine at the drugstore (made by Goody)
  • Curling iron – I got my wand (no clip) from Folica
  • Hair brush or comb (optional, to tease roots)
  • Hair spray (optional, to seal your ‘do’)
  • Clip (to separate your hair when placing your extension)

Do It:

  1. Curl your hair in loose waves away from your face. Part your hair in the middle or on the side.
  2. Part your hair on this side (a little above your ear, but away from your hairline) and clip-in your non-colored hair extension.
  3. Clip-in your 3 colored hair extensions above your other extension.
  4. Braid them all together, you can grab pieces of your own hair to include in the braid too!
  5. Make the braid messy by ‘drawstring-ing’ it. grab one of the three sections of your braid and push the other two up. mess it more with your fingers.
  6. Seal your braid with your elastic.
  7. Pin back your hair on the braid side to expose the braid more but keep the extension tops covered. bobby pin in place.
  8. Braid one or two of the face-framing pieces in a tiny braid and secure back into the same area where you pinned your hair in step 7.
  9. Spray with hairspray to seal the deal!


Let me know if you have any questions!

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  • Amanda Bissonnette

    awesome look! but i am very curious to know what that sparkly blue nail polish you had on is called!

    • Mr Kate

      thank you! My nails are actually a gel manicure color by Basic One and it’s color #40 – no color name. I recommend calling your local salons and see if they carry Basic One gel systems.. hope that helps! glad you like it ; )

  • Brux Löw Eizerik

    I have my sides cut shot, but if I didn’t, I’d totally do that hairdo. Really good job 😀

  • Sharon Reynolds

    LOVE this hairstyle and even moreso I love everything that’s going on with your boots! Have you wrapped something around the ankles of your boots?? It’s so cute; what’s going on down there?? :)

    • Amanda Maree McDuffee

      I REALLY wanna know about the boots too!! they’re way to cute!

  • Lindsay McDavitt

    Love this….I’m always looking for new ideas for my hair and can’t wait to try this one out!

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