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Get Off Your Ass Already: Beating The Workout Blahs

You know how it is: On New Year’s Eve, tipsy with optimism and champagne, you gaze wide-eyed at the world, declaring this will be your year. You’ll finally join the gym, lose those 10 pounds, run a marathon and make Orlando Bloom fall in love with you.

These goals always get off to a great start, but by the end of January, you’re on the couch with a dusty gym pass, a dozen cupcakes and a restraining order from Orlando’s people. (P.S. – Not cool, Orlando. I really thought we had something special, baby.)

Where did it all go wrong? You started out so motivated, and now you’re feeling uninspired. Don’t be discouraged. Get your fitness goals back on track, STAT! Here’s how:

Get Some New Threads
Just because you’re sweating doesn’t mean you have to look dumpy. If you look like crap, then you’re going to feel like crap, and feeling like crap usually ends on the couch, not the elliptical machine. Purchase new athletic clothing that you feel good in and (this is key, people) actually wear it to work out.

My pick-me-up is buying new tights. Not only do they keep my legs warm during winter runs, they make me feel like a superhero! I sometimes wear them to the grocery store post-run to lift cars off the elderly and nurse baby birds back to health.

Change it Up
People underestimate the power of a new sport, workout class or running trail. Do something different – even a new spin instructor keeps things fresh (especially if said spin instructor is hot).

Feeling really desperate for a change? Have a friend drive to the worst neighborhood in town and push you out of the car. Then try telling me you don’t feel like running today.

Grab a Partner
I’m a big fan of working out with friends. After all, misery loves company. Besides, you may cuss a lot while training; If a curse word is uttered in a swimming pool and no one’s around to hear it, did it really make a sound?

Read Inspiring Stories
The Internet is full of tear-jerker tales of cancer survivors who escaped the jungle after eight years of living in captivity while also raising sixteen children and creating a successful knitted-goods store on Oh, yeah, and ran a marathon last weekend. With a glass eye and prosthetic leg.

Read these stories and remind yourself there are others out there who overcome worse challenges than yours every day. Or something like that. I don’t know, I’m not Oprah Winfrey. Just get off your butt and work out already.

Pin it
If you have a Pinterest account, you can spend hours sucked into the vortex of inspiration. See what others have “pinned” for inspiration, and know that you’re not alone in your struggle.

There’s a multitude of pin-worthy stuff on Pinterest, from photos of rock-hard abs (not me) to links to credible fitness experts (also not me). Whatever you do, stay away from any pins involving food. If you’re like me, one thing will lead to another, and the next thing you know, the Domino’s guy is thanking you for your order.

Stop Making Excuses
Yes, it’s cold outside. No one said you had to do your workout outdoors. Do a pilates video at home or go to the gym, and you can complain about other things, like being too warm and that weird smell on the yoga mats.

And don’t even try “I don’t have time” – you just wasted a bunch of time reading this post, Pinterest-ing, and shopping for superhero tights. Trust me…you have time.

Tell me – what do you do to get excited about working out when your motivation starts to dip?

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  • Jason Bahamundi

    I read posts like this that help me get my a$$ out the door. I also recall a statement that my coach and I share and it goes something like this:

    Excuses are like a$$holes. Everybody has one and they all stink.

    Boom I’m out the door and working out!

  • Crystal Gibson

    I think this is perfect – I’ve spent the entire month of January procrastinating about working out while my fiancé has stepped his game up and is happy and looking so healthy. Last night I vowed to run, do weights and sign back up for yoga and I intend on keeping up with it! I was supposed to run this morning but I messed up my alarm on my iPad..
    This is a great post!

  • Joelle Poitra

    I’ve slacked all the month of January. My excuse is that I don’t like the beginning of the year crowds. But…I swear…I’m gonna get back to working out as soon as the gym settles down from the “Resolution People” who will give up soon. I mean, because let’s face it…it does happen. Don’t judge me!

  • Becky Danger Jones

    Try Nike Training Club. It’s a free app on iPhone that has a lot of great workouts for all levels and goals. They also have a reward/ trophy system and regularly update with new/ bonus workouts. On top of that you can sync all of your workouts and progress to an online account/ community. NTC helped me to keep my 2011 resolution of getting in shape, and helped me to keep it throughout the entire year :)

  • Michelle Gorelick Gottlieb

    I always have a race scheduled. I better work out or I will be hating my life come race day!

  • Tasha Erickson

    Thank you for writing for REAL people. I woke up about to put off running for another day, and saw the title of this blog flash on my phone’s Google Reader widget. I love anything with the word “A$$” in it, so of course I had to click and read. This post got me out of bed, into my workout clothes, and onto the treadmill. I posted a link to Facebook, and my (more consistent) running friends enjoyed this thoroughly as well.

  • Kristina Rocafort

    Can you write a post about the best types of athletic clothes for different activities? I have a disproportionately large natural chest and I just can’t find a sports bra that works. It’s one of the reasons why I don’t jump rope anymore or attempt to go running.

  • Sarah Lyons

    I always remind myself of the feeling after the workout, the feeling of accomplishment. I do CrossFit, and every day is a different workout, a new challenge. It never gets boring!

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