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Get Jealous – Artist Workshop Giveaway!

I could spend days scrolling through the EYE-FEAST that is The Jealous Curator’s blog. Artist after talented artist – the most beautiful and wonderfully strange creations – all arranged neatly in a perfectly curated corner just for you.

Not-so-little-known-fact: in addition to being one of the Internet’s favorite curators, Danielle Krysa is also a real-life curator, a seriously talented designer, a creative director, has TWO books in the works with Chronicle (EEP!) and is the brain behind a series of one-day art workshops motivating and inspiring female artists around the world. Enter: the Girl Crush Art Workshop + Tea Party.

These workshops are held at a featured artist’s studio – you’ll talk inspiration, eat fancy sandwiches and MAKE ART alongside other girl-crush-worthy artists and the awesome blogger herself! (You had me at FANCY SANDWICHES.)

Now BRACE YOURSELF, because this is where you come in. I’m so excited to announce Danielle has generously offered up a spot in her upcoming Girl Crush Workshop (a $175 value) to ONE lucky HelloGiggles reader! The workshop will take place in Austin, TX next April 20th and will feature amazing illustrator/photographer/designer (honestly, what CAN’T she do?) Alyson Fox. To enter, please leave a comment on this post explaining why you’d like to be selected…the winner will be announced next month!

Feeling jealous? YOU SHOULD BE.

From top to bottom :: 1. Polaroid of Danielle Krysa :: 2. Photo from his series “Homes at Night” by Todd Hido :: 3. Collage by Mary Virginia Carmack :: 4. Portrait from her series “Hazy Thoughts” by Tina Veerman :: 5. Portrait by Alyson Fox from her series “A Shade of Red.”

  • Rocio Alvarado

    Oooh yay! I’ve always wanted to do one of these artist retreat type trips!

  • Heather Gray

    I would love to win a spot at this workshop. The Jealous Curator is amazing and I would jump at the chance to meet Danielle. I’ve been craving a workshop like this where I can meet other creative minds. Since graduating from school many years ago, I’ve missed this type of interaction with artists, speaking about insecurities, the creative process and focusing on projects. Being a mom and business owner I don’t have much time for myself. I’ve stopped painting and drawing because I simply can’t work it into my day. I would love to dedicate a few days to rekindling this side of me and this workshop seems like the perfect start. I’ve also always wanted to go to Austin. Please pick me. :) I would also be happy to journal and photograph this event to share my experience. Thank you! -Heather

  • Jessica Jones

    I am 25 and have had a helluva time trying to figure out what I want to do with my life, until someone told me that what I do for fun as a hobby would be best for me as a career. Thanks to friends and family, I have recently begun pursuing my interest in photography. I have always been fascinated with seeing the world through other people’s eyes, but now want to put my own eyes out there. I would absolutely love to branch out more and learn from other people in the field, and think an artist workshop like this would be so much fun and super inspiring!

  • Jessica Jones

    p.s. I love sandwiches.

  • Elyse Ash

    I would LOVE to go to this inspiring workshop. I work in a creative field and am constantly searching for new sources of inspiration and new, strong female role models to learn from. I can’t think of a day better spent than playing, sharing, chatting, learning and laughing with other artistic, confident, successful, creative professionals. What a dream…

  • Brittany Woodell

    That sounds like an awesome day! Makes me wish i was more artsy. Who ever wins this one is lucky.

  • Frani Lieberman

    i want to be the kind of person who lives a series of moments just like those posted above. help me! xo.

  • Sue Papin Sears

    PICK ME! Actually, I currently live in South Africa, but I have the coolest friend in Houston who makes amazing art, but she doesn’t have a lot of confidence in her work (but she should). A workshop like this would inspire her. So I’m begging on her behalf. And she likes sandwiches too ~

  • Daphne Chan

    I would love this opportunity to work with Danielle and attend a workshop filled with dynamic, creative women. When I moved away from New York, I fell into a creative funk and realized I miss the environment of meeting other like-minded artists who can inspire each other to create our best work.

    • Danielle Estrada

      yeah i miss being in school with fellow artists….they really do inspire u and the really good ones make you work harder 😀

  • Jessie Lee Dziorney

    I got so excited as i read this article!! I am a 28 year old Artist and future Arts Educator. I am in my last semester of the Masters in Art Teaching, and hope to teach High School in the near future. For me it was Art that allowed my to find my personal voice, not just as a female, but as a human being who deserved as much respect and who is just as capable as any other human being. When I was shy, my artistic talent gave me a voice that could not be ignored. Eventually it was through talking about my work and my idea’s as I grew up that gave me such a strong personal voice today. I would love for this chance to further explore my own voice as a female artist, but also I would love for a chance to talk about how I can pass such idea’s on to my future female students in art classes, and talk about how and why it is important to encourage the arts from a very young age. Thank you.

    • Danielle Estrada

      yes!!! i try to inspire my niece to practice everyday she thinks u can just draw one day and be really good but it takes a lot a lot of practice and brain training lol she would get so mad at me because of my drawings n paintings n such and shes only 9 so she doesnt quite grasp the concept of practice practice practice!!!!

  • Nicole Grimes

    Yes, please enter me in the contest. Because I need to be inspired! I am in such a creative rut at the moment, and I need to get out of it badly. I think being surrounded in a creative atmosphere, and feeling empowered and vulnerable at the same time would be amazing.

  • Kelly Beall

    I’m making the transition from freelance graphic designer to full-time blogger and can use all the inspiration I can get! Plus, I have such a girl crush on Danielle and Alyson. Love those ladies.

  • Erin Vaden

    That sounds delicious and delightful, and I am in serious need of some inspiration, which – to be sure – would abound in a room full of creative ladies! My day job is as an arts administrator, which sounds like there could be some creativity happening daily, but more often than not, it’s stifled, which makes me sad, and then by the time I get home, I feel not a little dejected. So even the refuge I used to find in painting or stitching or what have you holds less restorative power than it used to. I’d love to reconnect with that part of myself!

  • Valerie Jane Bertolina

    I would LOVE this!! It would be a super cool birthday gift 😉 for one thing. Been craving a tea party for a while now. But honestly, I really complled lately to really embrace and open up to the artist within myself. And really start cresting more. This would be a great…event to keep me on track and to look forward too!

  • Jessica Louise Miller

    I am a lost artist in a crap job who needs some confidence in herself and some serious inspiration!!

  • Kate Greene

    Reading about the GIRL CRUSH ART WORKSHOP + TEA PARTY makes makes my heart beat a little faster (in that excited but fearful kind of way!). I am a fashion stylist/artist based in Washington, DC, working around the clock with hopes of bigger things. Over the past year, I’ve been working nonstop to put myself out there, collaborate with new artists, photographers, general inspirers, and move beyond the nerves and fears. Meeting Danielle and Alyson and other WOMEN ARTISTS willing to make it would be an incredible opportunity to get inspired and make strides in new creative directions. Her blog, “The Jealous Curator,” makes you realize it’s incredibly possibly to do just this. Get jealous of your friends and their wild talents and get jealous of yourself! AND to get where you want to be and to have pretty sandwiches along the way! I would be so excited and flattered to be chosen for this girl-crush giveaway. Thank you!

  • Gail Winger

    I’m a Cali girl stuck in the rainy state of WA.I have seemed to lost myself among all the rain and gloom here but just lately have soon learned to love the beauty of it all.From the beautiful sunset,to the sunrise,Sea gulls fighting over food,the moon,mountains,the snow,and all the beautiful green trees and flowers.I take pictures of all of this to admire nature and the beauty of it all.I know would love to get into photography but I’m kind of nervous.I just want to be perfect but I know perfection takes practice.Thanks for the giveaway!

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