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Get Crafty with Autumn DIYs

October is upon us so it’s time to get spicy (nutmeg and cinnamon) and crafty (Halloween and cozy stuff). I’ve been DIY obsessed lately – okay, I’m always DIY obsessed, but with the colder weather blasting in. I’m even more focused on fun and comforting indoor activities. I’m sure you’ve seen that the Halloween madness has already begun around you: giant pop-up stores bring in their loads of polyester costumes, which never seem to look like they do on the package, story of my life! Anywho, here’s a couple Fall-themed DIYs to get your creative (and warm) juices flowing!

1. I was reading my Martha Stewart Living magazine (love Martha!) last night and came across these cute and quick Halloween costume ideas using glasses and headbands (you know how I love snazzing up headbands). Just a quick guise for the office or running errands!

What You Need:

Do It: Follow the directions on the photo above – click to view an enlarged version.

2. This next DIY comes from one of my favorite blogs, A Beautiful Mess. She posted a how-to for these cute and fuzzy Tree Stump Coasters! Make a couple of these and you’ll have something to rest your hot cocoa or cider on – check out my recipe for Spicy (Vegan and Low-Glycemic) Mayan Hot Chocolate here!

What You Need:

  • Dark brown and light brown felt (1/4 yard of each)
  • Green felt for leaves
  • Embroidery thread (in a tan color) and needles
  • Chalk
  • Scissors

Do It:

1 – 2. Using chalk, draw a circle on your dark brown flannel the size you would like your coaster to be. Use a small bowl as a template.

3 – 4. Cut the light brown circle slightly smaller than the dark circle. Don’t worry about using a template for this one as imperfection is absolutely perfect for this project!

5. Start stitching from the center in a spiral all the way around your coaster to the edge. Then go backwards and fill in the stitch gaps with more stitches. Do this until the entire light brown circle is covered in rings. Be sure to make your rings imperfect, as a real tree stump would be.

6. Stitch leaves to the back of your stump and you are done!

Photos and projects via Martha Stewart Living and A Beautiful Mess

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