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San Diego Comic Con was this last weekend, and in addition to the incredible cosplays like those I’ve included below, there were countless opportunities to see incredible geeky fashion.

Of the panels I got to see, one of the coolest was “Are You Geek Girl Trendsetter?” which was moderated by Ashley Eckstein, who voices Ahsoka Tano in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and created Her Universe. There were 23 women who showed off their homemade and assembled geeky fashion choices for a panel that included geek girl crafty icon Bonnie Burton, Team Unicorn co-founder Clare Grant, jewelry designer Tarina Tarantino, actress Jaime King, Hot Topic social media pro Courtney Lear, and Hot Topic senior buyer Ed Labay.

The best thing about all the designs and advice from the panel was that everyone had a different take on geeky fashion. There were the comfortable, every day looks like these:

And the fancier looks like these:

Bonnie reminded the audience that it’s important to wear something that won’t fall off of you and that glitter adds shine. Jaime told us that it’s totally okay to mix high and low fashion to embrace your inner geek even if you don’t want to go full-on cosplay. If cosplay is your end game, Clare reminded us that you can focus on things that are really symbolic of the character that you want to portray for authenticity. And Tarina stressed that you can really add depth and detail to your look with accessories.

Personally, I want that Mario Brother cocktail dress.

To see more of the great dresses and outfits that were seen on this panel, visit the Geeky Hostess on Facebook. She got some great shots!

All these photos are courtesy of Geeky Hostess and used with her permission.


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  1. The Mario Brothers cocktail dress is my favourite! Knew instantly what it was referencing yet is totally original. The vintage Star Wars dress lady at the top is a close 2nd place!