Gearing up for the Golden Globes!

I spent Sunday afternoon getting Zooey Deschanel ready for the Golden Globe awards.  She was nominated this year and so we wanted to do something extra special.

Zooey is one of my absolute favorite clients to work with because she loves to have fun with her makeup, hair and fashion – and she is more than willing to take some risks.

Last night, Zooey wore a beautiful Prada dress! It’s a one-of-a-kind color block in navy, green and white. Definitely very Mod, yet elegant and refined! Once I saw it, I knew exactly what to do to compliment it.

My inspiration for the night: How would Emma Peel (from the 1960s British TV show The Avengers) do her makeup if she was going to be attending the Golden Globes?

For the 2012 version, I went with a real ’60s mod eye, with soft cheeks and lips.



Start with Rimmel’s London Fix and Perfect Primer.


Rimmel Match Perfection in 120 Ivory. Buff it out to the edges with a sponge or a foundation brush until you can’t see makeup near the hairline or jaw bone.

Concealer and highlighter:

Rimmel’s Match Perfection in 245 light and 125 fair. Put it under the eyes and on any spots you want to cover. I like using a soft brush for the application.


I went full-on mod with a cat eye shape. Start with Rimmel’s Glam’Eyes HD Quad Eye Shadow in Black Cab. Use silver and black shadow blended on the whole lid, feathered out to the side to shape your cat eye. Apply the black eyeshadow in the crease of the lid. Use Rimmel’s Glam Eyes Professional Liquid Liner in black on the top lid near the lash line. Take it past the lash line and slightly up, then connect that tip and lay one more line on top coming back down to meet up with your line in about the middle of your lid. Under the eye apply Rimmel’s SPARK IT UP in Lapis with a soft pencil liner in a feathered motion. Finally, cover those lashes with Rimmel’s Lash Accelerator Serum mascara.


Rimmel’s Multi-Shade in Autumn Blush. Apply on the apple of the cheek with a soft brush.


Rimmel’s Lasting Finish lipstick in Nude Pink.   I also used Rimmel’s Stay Glossy in Diamond Dust, and made sure she brought some with her for touch-ups throughout the night.

That’s it!

Wow, now don’t you look like a pretty kitten?

Meow Meow!


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  • Megan Miolla

    Let me just say you did an amazing job! Zooey looked sooo stunning and beautiful! I love Zooey and how she can pull off everything and anything so effortlessly!

  • Andrea Aiuto

    You did an amazing job. She looked so lovely!!!!!!

  • Shannon Grigsby

    She was a stunner last night! Amazing job!

  • Fulya Tiryakioglu

    who did the nails? we want scoop on that, too!

  • Karla Marie Piñeiro

    Beautiful job! If I knew how to use makeup I would try it.

  • Grape Friend
  • Sarah Newman

    Love that dark eyes/nude lips ’60s look. Did you use any false eyelashes on the upper lids?

  • Keith Horvath

    I think u could have done much better on zooey dress she deserves the best

  • Keith Horvath

    But her face and makeup looks unreal

  • Kelly Etlinger

    She looked stunning!!! <3 her!

  • Grant Clifford

    I wish Zooey would have won!!! She deserved it. And she looked great — especially those rad nails!

  • Brianne Archer

    Is she wearing a wig? I thought her hair was longer. Does she normally wear extensions that she didn’t have in last night?

  • Sílvia Juncà

    She looked beautiful!

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