Gather All Your Girls And Do Something About It Already

“I said, ‘Somebody should do something about that.’ Then I realized I am somebody.”

Lily Tomlin

Lily Tomlin knows where its at. So does Ingrid Newkirk, Gloria Steinem and so did Josephine Baker, Eleanor Rosevelt, Coretta Scott King and many, many, many other women who ROCK.  HARD. They were/are activists. I am an activist.  We are ordinary people. We are celebrities. We are blue collar workers. We are government workers. We are housewives. We are rich. We are poor. We are changing the world. Are you?

Your answer may be… maybe. Maybe you just signed up for your office’s yearly 5K walk/run event for (fill in the blank here)’s organization, or make it a point to buy girlscout cookies from your neighbor’s daughter, or shower with a partner to save water (wink) or celebrate Meatless Mondays by eating tofu.  Does this make you an activist? Hmmmm. Not quite BUT I applaud you because EVERY step counts. Pennies donated turn into dollars. Small green steps save acres of rainforest. It’s all great.  In fact, going meatless once a week may reduce your risk of chronic preventable conditions like cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity. It can also help reduce your carbon footprint and save precious resources like fresh water and fossil fuel.  And speaking of footprints, being conscious of how we waste water and resources daily can reduce our carbon footprint easily – and we need to do this because our fashionable Jimmy Choo ‘s is really stickin’ it to Mother Earth big time. And it’s not just the Earth that is suffering as all know. There are children in this great country who are hungry, women in third world countries who have no access to medical care who are dying needlessly in childbirth, populations being wiped out from “ethnic cleansing” and millions of our brothers, sisters and fellow beings who are literally DYING for our help. That is why I am an activist. I know that when we extend our compassion to the most voice-less/choiceless our world will be better off for it. I fight for animals because I know that in suffering we are ALL equal.  Personally, I decided to become an animal rights activist because that is what speaks to my spirit more than any other cause.

What moves you? Which viral videos on facebook make you cry? What social injustices make you angry? What do you turn away from to spare yourself the sight? That is what you should gravitate TOWARDS.  That is what will light the fire within you to make change happen. The power is within you.  We are mothers, sisters, daughters, partners and saviors.  And remember  “well behaved women rarely make history.” So misbehave!

Each week I am going to suggest ways that you can change the world… my emphasis will be on animals since this is my calling but I promise to include many of my other passions. We don’t need to pick and choose our battles. There are so many causes we can help. But what we can’t do is wait for someone else to do something. Like Lily said, we ARE somebody.

Those that suffer don’t have time for our pleasantries. Get MAD. Get motivated. Go take your messages of compassion and write them boldly on poster boards, shout them on megaphones, scream about them on radio call in shows, talk to strangers on the bus, never be silent. Let your voice be heard. Be radical if you feel it in your bones to do so. Learn about non -violent protests and arrested for a cause. Get tattooed for your convictions. Get in touch with your inner activist. She is brave. She is beautiful. She is strong. She is resilient. She is invincible. And she is waiting.